6 Low-Budget Marketing Tactics for Ambitious Start-ups


Start-ups have mushroomed in the business world with the emergence of e-commerce. The freedom of being one’s own boss and the perks of a seemingly easy route to success make start-ups the right business venture. But contrarily, with an increase in the number of start-ups, there is a cutting edge competition gnawing at the profits.

How do one stay ahead in it?

By marketing wisely.

The small scale companies struggle for space with organisations their size and also suffer from the threat of being overshadowed by the big brands. A meagre budget, lack of expertise and less network make the task of setting up a flourishing name seem like a herculean task.

But, start-ups can still make their presence felt by employing pocket-friendly marketing techniques. The best way to overcome the disadvantage of not having enough money is ‘to employ skill’ to achieve what one aspires for.

Here’s what start-ups can do to carve a niche for itself on a low-budget.

1. Get Noticed

Some people say what they do, while some others explain WHY they do what they do.

For example:

When asked what does one start-up engage in?

Start-up A says that it sells office supplies.

Start-Up B says that it sells office supplies and it sends half the money procured to fund poor children’s school books and stationery needs.

Which start-up of the two gets more notice?

Of course, the start-up that explains the WHY of their business structure.

Engaging people in a conversation that highlight the WHY behind one’s business is a great way to etch a lasting impression. This simple but profoundly effective marketing wisdom can be used from a one-to-one conversational level to a campaigning level.

It not only garners interest but also, attracts people supporting similar causes.

2. Support Local Community Causes

It is wise to have a firm base and from there grow and spread branches.

An ambitious start-up must look for opportunities that allow investing in the local community cause and events.

Simply showing up to make a donation or as a participant gets a start-up noticed.

For example:

A start-up can set up a stall in the local food fair. In the next event, it can show up with the donation­. The third time, it can volunteer to give out prizes at an event.

There is never a dearth of social gatherings and functions. The key is to keep an open eye and make one’s presence felt. With visibility comes familiarity and with familiarity comes trust. This marketing tactic not only gives a start-up recognition but also brings in customers. Moreover, with regular participation, it becomes a habit for the local groups to view a business as a reliable partner or sponsor. This helps in building strong business networks.

3. Co-sponsor an Event

A novice would know that networking in business is important. But more than networking, it is important to be seen associating with a trusted business. It is wise for start-ups to be on a look-out for business events where it can co-sponsor in a small way with a renowned ­business. It does not have to be a grand affair.

This technique helps to associate with trusted companies and be visible to potential clients and businesses as a serious player in the start-up game.

4. E-coupons

E-coupons are a great way to popularise a start-up. Eight out of ten people use e-coupons. Secondly, many businesses continue their loyalty to a company because of these little perks that coupons give.

Start-Ups can start with giving out e-coupons that are hard to resist. This will not only retain regular customers but also allure new ones.

5. Be Active on Social Media

An active participation in social media is a great way to be visible in the market. Make noise on social media platforms by organising contests or acquainting people with insider’s news of the industry.

Marketing is all about connecting and good marketing is all about pulling that string that tugs at a customer’s heart. Being active on social media helps a start-up make the right business moves.

6. Share a Video

Videos are a great way to attract interests.

Many people when looking up on the net, find it easy to watch a demo video.

For example:

If customer A is looking for a great place to buy office stationary, there will be tons of results on the net for the search. But what stands out is a video with a story.

Start-ups should make and upload creative videos that tell the interesting story behind their business and also highlights why it is THE right choice for the target audience.

Money speaks the right language only if there is a marketing skill. These low budget creative marketing skills can make any start-up reach new heights of success without splurging money.

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