Growth Hacking Tips for Your Business Blog


Growth hacking is going viral in the internet world. It has everything to get your business successful and especially with the business blogs.  Every business will have a goal. However, the prime objective will be to drive traffic to its blog and through which accomplish the expected business growth. Any online business seeking organic traffic can consider growth hacking. This approach can also help to achieve expected lead conversion.

Today, having a blog has become an essential for digital marketing. This also brings various SEO benefits.  Any business would love to grow without spending much, but the fact is; it is not always possible to grow a business without taking required efforts and spending money.

Nevertheless, the approach of growth hacking has made it possible to every online business. This is exponentially effective for the startups, however, never fails to bring the expected results for large and existing companies.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is an effective and creative alternative to the standard marketing. This approach replaces costly investments while reducing the overall budget planned for growth of a business. The digital tools like social media, SEO, content marketing and website analytics have replaced the traditional methods of advertising. To know more about growth hacking:

  • This is a long –term approach, as the business needs to wait to get revenues
  • The impact of growth hacks can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin
  • It has changed the way how marketers see the market and business
  • It brings a huge growth potential as expected with fast growing business

Reasons to Consider Growth Hacks

Content hacking or growth hacking aims at driving maximum traffic and pulls the attention of a huge number of visitors. It is more about getting the best results. Here follow a few valuable reasons for why growth hack is important and essential:

  • It helps to create awesome headlines, which is always a challenge to the bloggers
  • It helps to make the content increasingly shareable
  • Benefits choosing appropriate and SEO friendly keywords, which is very important for successful blogging and targeting the desired group of audience
  • Experience Call to Action through the business blogs
  • Another great advantage of growth hack is to gamify the blog, which makes it really interesting to the readers
  • Makes guest blogging easier and effective, which is one of the classic approaches adapted for content hacking
  • Get good and effective emails marketing technique through growth hack. This approach will help to get consistent results in addition to getting more conversions and increased customers
  • Grow Google audience enormously
  • It enables promote content on the popular social media more than once, which is another effective approach to increase readers
  • The blog becomes much faster than ever before with the growth hack technique

Techniques of Growth Hacking

Besides knowing the importance and reasons for why growth hacking should be considered for business blog, here follow the techniques about how this wonderful approach can be used in an effective way:

Start the blog

Start creating blog immediately, as this is the most important tool of growth hacker’s toolbox.  Creating relevant and appropriate content becomes essential as the first step of growth hack.

Guest post

Linkbuilidng is something very important that every marketer should know. However, the constantly changing digital world now stresses on guest posting, which emphasizes the need to create high-quality content to achieve a high rate of business growth.

Build personal brand

Personal branding helps in improving growth hack performance and results. This helps the business or individual become popular and engages online.

Harvesting email addresses

This is an another effective technique of growth hacking. This helps majorly in generating more leads and increased numbers of active users. However, it is very important to grow your email list, to achieve the business goal though growth hacks.

Understanding the data

Data has a huge impact on the growth-hacking environment. At the same time, it is also important to understand key performance indicators, multivariate testing, viral coefficients and other related elements. Remember, data need not always specify numbers, but also other information that is essential for the improved performance of the business.

Final notes

Although growth hacking appears to be effective and easier than traditional approaches, there are still many things to be taken into consideration for expected result. Perhaps, the current digital world makes growth hacking to be the only virtual way for the startup businesses to take their place in the competitive world and establish their business.

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