Junk Removal During the Age of COVID-19

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has affected our lifestyle immensely. From working to performing our routine, day-to-day activities, everything has changed, all thanks to the global pandemic. And now with the second wave, things have become even more frightening. Although the vaccine is here, it is still in very preliminary stages. Thus, one cannot be sure how effective it is going to be and how long it will take for life to be back to normal – the way it was before COVID-19 surfaced.

With most people working from home, more junk is accumulated in households. This junk, if not removed properly, can result in the outspread of different diseases. The ultimate solution is to hire professional junk removal Vallejo services, but this also comes with its own set of risks pertaining to the spread of COVID-19. As the junk removal crew will enter your premise, chances are making contact with them are high. Therefore, if one of them is infected, you and your family can be at an aggravated risk of getting the virus as well.

Here are some of the tips you can follow when it comes to junk removal during the age of COVID-19:

Maintain a Proper Communication with Your Junk Removal Team

To begin with, make efforts to maintain proper communication with your junk removal team. Know about the protocols they are following and what they are doing on their own to combat the risk of virus spread. Make sure they wear masks and carry hand sanitizers with them. They should be wearing gloves as well.

Most companies now follow advanced levels of protocols for this purpose. Each member of the crew undergoes a temperature check multiple times a day. Furthermore, they are instructed to maintain a safe distance with others. They are also forbidden to touch surfaces and items that are not required to be cleaned. So, make sure to hire a company that follows all these protocols.

Furthermore, if you are or have been sick, make them known. The advice must be followed if some in your home are sick. In case you’re not doing this, you are risking their lives. Your junk removal project can wait. Even if you aren’t COVID positive, it is better to reschedule the project to a later date until you have gotten the test, and it has turned out to be negative.

Do Your Own Part

Make sure that you are also doing your bit to keep yourself and your family safe from the virus. Always make a point to sanitize things that you bring from the outside. Even the stuff brought by the junk removal crew must be sanitized properly.

Maintain Social Distance

While the crew is instructed to maintain social distance, you should also do the same. Even if you intend to communicate with the crew, do so by maintaining a distance. A small mistake here on your end can land you in trouble. Follow this advice not only for junk removal crews but other people you have to interact with on a routine basis such as food delivery guys.

Sign Papers Electronically

As technology has advanced, you should make use of it, particularly in today’s age when it is required the most. Try and sign papers electronically for making payment. Most companies now offer online payments such as direct transfers to accounts.

If you have to hire their services for the first, do all the correspondences via email or WhatsApp. Limit as much physical contact as possible. This will ensure your safety, and theirs as well.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Yes, we may sound like a broken record now. But, a little reminder here is necessary. Always wash your hands after you have handled the junk. Even if there’s no risk of COVID-19, this practice must be followed for your hygiene because trash contains bacteria and other viruses that can make you sick. So, make a point to wash hands frequently. And don’t touch your face or other surfaces in your home until you have washed your hands. This is one of the common ways that lead to virus spread as when your hands have gotten infected, the virus can move from your hands to your mouth, nose or eyes.

Try and keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times so that even if the water isn’t readily available, you can instantly keep your hands clean.

Final Thoughts

Surely, these are testing times but it is important to keep your home properly clean. Not only is it important for your physical health but mental health as well. As stated above, hire a reliable and professional company that is known to offer services as per the SOPs announced by the government. You can trust 3 Kings Hauling and More in this regard.

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