Is Your Office Space Following the Growth of Your Startup?


Running a small business is a challenging endeavour, but if you’re doing it right, chances are your business will start developing fast. Sooner, rather than later, you’ll need to start hiring more employees and tactically expanding your business – office space included. However, if you’re not sure whether it’s the right time to start thinking about finding a bigger office space or not, here are a few things you need to consider that might help you determine the answer.

The required space

First off, keep in mind that every extra employee will need an office desk. Too many desks equal a room that’s too crowded. So, to avoid creating the dreaded cubicle atmosphere in the office, make sure all the employees have enough room to manoeuvre. If you simply can’t seem to make it possible, it might be the good time to consider moving.

Overstuffed schedule

Nobody likes having to schedule business meetings two weeks ahead of time, simply because there are a lot of people using only one meeting room. Too many people needing or wanting to use a single meeting room will only contribute to frustration and increase the overall dissatisfaction levels, so if that’s the case in your current office space, it’s time to look for another.

Hectic storage space

When there are too many people crammed in a small area, it’s only a matter of time when things will start to become hectic, and eventually, get out of hand. Piles of paperwork, binders and folders will only become taller, and the chances of them tipping over and burying a careless employee will only increase.

However, when relocating your storage, it’s of the utmost importance that the entire endeavour is handled with care because losing a single file can compromise your business operations. That’s why you should follow the example of successful companies, and only choose the professionals who are well versed in this type of move. For example, these Inner West removalists know that that time means money, thus making sure that every office relocation goes as quickly and efficiently as possible, enabling their clients to get back in business with the absolute minimum of downtime.

Lack of privacy

A lot of people find it difficult to perform some of the basic natural actions in a crowded space. To make our point a bit clearer, we’re talking about overcrowded restrooms. In short, you should never run the risk of not having enough restrooms for all of your employees, because not only will this make them frustrated – nobody likes to “hold it in” throughout the workday, but it’s also not very sanitary. So, when choosing a new office space, try to keep this in mind as well.

Parking space

Even though employers nowadays are encouraged to promote a healthier lifestyle, which includes motivating their employees to start carpooling or riding a bike to work, you still need to have a parking lot that’s big enough for all of your employees’ vehicles. No matter the type of business you are running and no matter the number of your employees, if you only have enough parking spaces for the upper management, you run the risk of not looking professional enough. So, this is definitely another point you should keep in mind. Besides, where do you expect your potential clients or business partners to park when they drop by your office?

Eventually, if you care about your business and if you want to continue with smooth sailing, we suggest you rethink your current office space if you’re considering growing and expanding your business. If you determine you have enough room – good for you, but if not, better look for a more favourable solution ahead of time to avoid coming off as unprofessional and sloppy.

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