How to Use Instagram for Small Business Marketing

Traditional business marketing could cost a lot of money people are opting for less expansive and effective ways for marketing. Today, almost all the famous brands and businesses are using social media to promote their brand, product or service with ease at a minimal cost. Among all the social media marketing platforms, Instagram is a hot cake for marketers with around 4 billion likes each day.

This attractive new marketing method has a price and it is the right marketing strategy for Instagram. This blog will help you identify all tips and tricks so that you can use Instagram for your small business marketing.

You Bio is very important

Once you are clear that you are going to use Instagram to promote your brand, first step is to develop your profile and bio. Your bio should quickly tell your followers what you do in an attractive away. Never use a personal account for this purpose. Create a new business account so you can design it with your brand identity.

Bio Design

Pick a handle that matches your business name as closely as possible so that it becomes your identity. For a photo, you can select or create a logo, your storefront or your signature products. Don’t forget to add your website as this is the only place where you can put a clickable hyperlink and shorten any URLs you use in your bio. Add physical location if you have one.

Insta Stories

Instagram Stories lets you string together multiple pictures and videos into a “story” that disappears after 24 hours. It allows creating a story around your ideal customer. Who are they? What are their hobbies, their interests, their dreams? Where do they like to eat, to drink, to shop, to play? What kind of music do they listen to, what books do they read, what are their favourite TV shows? This will enhance customer involvement.


Decide your goal. It could be to create more followers, get more likes or engagements or just to get more customers. Depending on the goal selected, post your content and keep on tacking if you are getting desired results or not. If there is no success then look for Instagram posts that get the most engagement. This will help you know the trend and follow those lines.

20-80 Strategy

According to this strategy, 20 percent of your posts are to sell the product and the other 80 percent will focus on quality content to create engagements so that you will get an idea of what our customer demands.

Hashtags are the life of Instagram

Using a lot of hashtags can get your images more likes but your hashtags should, ideally, not occur within the caption of your photo. The right place for hashtags is in the comments because Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post and keeping them in the photo caption will make it so cluttered that caption will go unread. Since Instagram’s search feature looks for hashtags instead of keywords putting your hashtags in comments will still make post searchable.

Don’t just use random hashtags but use tools such as Websta to see a huge list of popular hashtags that might not be trending, but are still being used heavily. Encourage your fans to use hashtags specific to your brand or suggesting that they tag your business is a great way to see what customers are saying about you.

Third-party Apps

Use third-party apps that give you the ability to regram for example Sprout allows you to integrate with Instagram, it’s a lot easier to get started. You can push your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other sites to your new Instagram account. This is the easiest way to import real Instagram followers from other social media platforms.

Customized Content

You need to create custom image assets specifically for Instagram Ads instead of reusing the same ones you would use for Facebook because of the way Instagram display photos is different than other social media platforms. Host an Instagram contest to make people tag a friend and comment in return for some giveaways or discounts. Whatever you’re giving away should be somewhat related to your industry. Creating contests and sponsored posts are a good way to make organic followers.


Influencers are a good way to start branding your product. You can look for people who are already working in your niche with a good number of active followers and ask for posting about your brand. This will invite his followers to your profile and if it is well created it can grab you a follower. When you’re looking for influencers, choose people who are a good match for your brand.

Using the above quick tips can help you get organic followers and once in, you can use strategies to create more engagement which will help you capitalize on Instagram.

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