How to Strengthen your Immunity during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has claimed thousands of lives around the world. While the world as a whole is under lockdown and following all the necessary precautions prescribed by the governments, we should not forget to boost our immune system. With more and more people falling victim to the disease, it is wise to talk about the steps we can take to boost our immune system. A robust immune system is vital to fight this virus successfully.

Here are some tips that will help you strengthen your immunity during this pandemic –

1. Sleep properly

Sleep is essential in creating a robust immune system. People who don’t sleep adequately lack specific cytokines in their bodies. These cytokines attack inflammation and infection in your body. The fact that these cytokines are both produced and released during sleep makes them imperative for boosting our immune system. It has also been observed that flu vaccines do not work on people who do not sleep properly. This is because their bodies do not respond to these vaccines. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you research thoroughly before getting vaccinated, in order to determine if you really need these vaccines or not. You should, therefore, take adequate sleep to boost your immunity and have a quick response to diseases that invade your body.

2. Follow a healthy diet

Eating healthy is crucial to developing a robust immune system. You should include a lot of fiber and essential vitamins in your daily diet. This will ensure that your digestive system is running fine. A good and healthy digestive system indicates better immunity. Eat foods that increase the content of good bacteria in your gut and thus keep you healthy. Vitamin C is essential to having a strong immune system. You should incorporate a lot of citrus fruits in your diet. Consult a doctor for better clarity on which foods to eat to strengthen your immunity in the wake of coronavirus.

3. Meditate

Several studies have suggested that meditation can help our bodies function optimally. Coronavirus has led to immense stress among people. We live in constant fear and panic, and this is somewhere damaging and sabotaging our immune system. Stress is believed to be the cause behind the release of the hormone cortisol. It can cause inflammation in your body and decrease your body’s fighting capacity.

The way we respond to these stressful situations is essential in keeping us healthy and away from coronavirus. Meditation can be a successful way of dealing with stress.

When you meditate, you need to ensure that you are following the right technique. Maintain the right posture and concentrate on your breath. Do not let your mind wander, and if it does, try and bring it back to your breath. Try and maintain consistency in the way you meditate and follow it religiously. Experts believe that you need to practice meditation for at least 10 minutes every day for 8-10 weeks to see observable results.

4. Exercise regularly

Stress can cause significant harm to your immune system. You should engage yourselves in some form of physical activity if you want to fight the coronavirus. Now, if you are wondering how physical activities can protect you from coronavirus, you should know that exercising can help you flush out bacteria from the lungs. This means that you have lesser chances of getting the flu or any other respiratory illness. Physically active people also have lesser chances of having other chronic and cardiovascular diseases. This decreases their chances of contracting coronavirus. Production of endorphins increases in the brain while exercising. Endorphins are mood-elevating hormones, and thus they reduce the stress.

From yoga to dancing and exercising, you can choose any form of workout you are comfortable with. The basic aim is to keep you fit and healthy so that you can fight the coronavirus head-on.

5. Do yoga

Preventing any disease in the human body is all about keeping the stress levels low. Yoga makes us mindful of our bodies, and we are more conscious of our acts. You should practice restorative yoga. This will reduce the stress levels in your body and strengthen your immune system. Yoga doesn’t work when you are already anxious. You need to ward off anxiety by practicing meditation before you switch to yoga.

Yoga also provides you other benefits. It keeps you fit and healthy. It improves your body’s metabolism. All this, in turn, is important for a robust immune system.

Apart from all these tips, it is also vital that you follow all the guidelines prescribed by the health authorities. You should wash your hands regularly with soap and water and ensure that you are practicing social distancing. Try staying indoors and venture out only if necessary. By doing this, you are not only protecting yourselves but also helping others around you stay safe.

And most importantly, if you have any symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

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