Ecommerce Website: Tips on Creating an Online Shop That Drive Sales

Having an ecommerce website can help you boost your business’s sales. However, you should note that web design plays a key role in driving sales.

In fact, it can make or break your customer’s user experience, as well as the purchase process.

So whether you are building an online shop for the first time or you are updating what you already have, it is important to know the effective ways of making a sales-driven ecommerce website:

1. Design for the users

Whenever you make an ecommerce website, it is important to consider who your users are. That’s because a lot of your web design components, from product images to CTA buttons, can influence an online customer’s buying decision.

Here’s the thing: You search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click efforts will be useless if your ecommerce web design prevents you from providing an excellent user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX).

Hence, your web design should make it easy for your customers to search, scrutinize, and buy your products. Keeping the users in mind allows you to make an effective online store and e-commerce fulfillment process.

2. Don’t complicate the navigation

According to digital marketing executive Dhruv Mehta, customers will be unable to buy any products if they cannot find what they are looking for. To solve that, you need to ensure that your ecommerce website features usable navigation.

In fact, your web navigation is fundamental to your online business’s success.

So what you can do is refrain from reinventing the wheel. Segment your products into categories and present them in a way that is familiar to your audience. In addition, you should make it easy for your customers to search for your products by adding a search bar.

3. Make search box visible

In relation to the previous point, it is important that you have a visible search bar. More so if your ecommerce website is densely packed like Amazon.

According to a 2012 post of Jeff Sauro, Ph.D., densely packed websites have a search rate of more than 50%. Meaning, at least 5 out of 10 website visitors would opt to look for a product via search instead of browsing your online shop.

Sure, your online store may not be as large as Amazon, but what are the odds that an average internet user can find what they are looking for just by browsing?

4. Use white space

White space, also known as negative space, is the are between design elements. And even if some people consider white space a wasted space, this provides elegance in your overall design.

It also ensures that you are providing great UX and CX because white space makes your ecommerce website look clean. Not to mention that it can help organize your design elements for better visual communication.

Mind you, lack of white space can make your website look cramped with too many design elements. And this can be a major turn off to your online customers. That’s because it can get confusing and distracting.

5. Use high-quality images

As an online retailer, it is safe to say that you have spent a hefty sum on your products. So, why not show it off in the best way possible?

Keep in mind that showcasing your products in the most visually appealing way can help you grab your customer’s attention.

Nowadays, the rule of thumb is to take a high-definition photo of your product from various angles. And then add a photo of how your product should be used.

Luckily, a high-quality product image does not necessarily mean that you will need to hire a professional photographer. And there are also several ways on how to improve your product images.

6. Prioritize your site’s security

No one would want to browse a shady-looking website, much more if it will require them to leave a home address and credit card details. Thus, it is important to prioritize your ecommerce website’s security.

What you can do is make sure that your web host and customer database is secured. You should also install an SSL certificate. In addition, Neil Patel advises that you display security badges on your online store.

Doing so informs your customers that their sensitive information is secured. And this can compel them to trust you and make business with you.

7. Make the checkout process easy

Do you see that some of your customers add items on their online cart only to leave it eventually? This is called cart abandonment.

While there are many reasons as to why online buyers abandon their carts, you can still do something to mitigate it. And one of them is to make your checkout process easy.

So, how can you do it? Here are some quick tips:

  • Streamline your checkout process
  • Make your checkout page’s design user-friendly
  • Only ask for necessary customer information
  • Include various payment gateways other than credit card
  • Do not put too many CTA buttons

Doing these tips can help you lessen the number of cart abandonment on your ecommerce website.

8. Offer guest checkout option

Another way to mitigate cart abandonment is to offer guest checkout options. This means that an online buyer can proceed with buying and paying for your products without the need to create an account on your online shop.

Mind you, statistics revealed that 23% of customers will leave an online store if they have to create a new account.

Hence, you should allow your buyers to complete their purchase as guests. Doing so allows them to buy your products without hassle. Plus, this can help improve your conversion rate.

9. Have an effective product page

Your product page can help you generate sales and revenue for your business. That said, it is important that your product pages feature the following essential elements:

  • High-quality Multimedia Content. As mentioned earlier, a high-definition product image can help you attract your customers’ attention. It will also be helpful if you can add a video of how your product should be used.
  • Accurate Product Description. Once you are able to attract your buyers’ attention, the next thing you should do is help them understand what your product is about. So, describe what your product is and explain how it can benefit your customers.
  • Customer Review. Customer reviews can affect your buyers’ purchasing decisions. However, that does not mean it should only be positive feedback. It is important to have a healthy mix of positive and negative reviews so that it is natural.
  • Call to Action. Of course, it is important that your customers know what to do and where to click should they decide to buy your products.

10. Use chatbots for customer service

What was once seen as a clunky and soulless system, chatbots can now aid in improving your online sales.

For one, chatbots enhance a buyer’s online user experience. Second, it provides assistance to your customers 24/7. Hence, they add a lot of value to your online store.

Knowing how to create a sales-driven ecommerce website allows you to provide a great UX and CX to your buyers, as well as improve your business’s revenue from Techisours.

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