How to Optimize your LG AC cooling?

Here are a few basic steps one needs to take in order to ensure that their LG AC works seamlessly.

Lucky Goldstar or LG is a name of stellar reputation in the HVAC industry, and the home appliances segment as a whole, and can be trusted blindly in matters of efficiency, technology and innovation. Due to its goodwill, LG has single handedly captured 16% of the total market last year.

If you’re a proud owner of an LG air conditioner, there are certain steps you must take to ensure that you optimize the cooling capacity of your unit. This will not only boost the cooling capacity of your air conditioner, but also save you money.

Let us look at them in detail.

  • Make sure that you clean your air filter from time to time

Irrespective of whether you have a split AC or a window AC, one very common issue which causes the air conditioner to function at sub-optimal capacity is when the air filter is clogged with dust and lint. One needs to regularly inspect the air filter present in their air conditioner, and clean them thoroughly to ensure proper air flow. If your air filter is extremely dirty and has served you faithfully, chances are that you would have to replace it, so that the efficiency of your cooling unit doesn’t get compromised.

  • Plug in the leaks 

No matter how impressive your LG air conditioner unit is, you would have to ensure that you carefully scan and plug in all the probable air leaks. One needs to ensure that all doors, almirahs and windows are closed properly, and all curtains are drawn to prevent excessive sunlight from falling in.

  • Fill up on coolant

Coolant is an integral part of the air conditioning unit. It is directly responsible for cooling the air, and hence, one must ensure that the levels of the coolant do not fall to insufficient levels. It is recommended that you call a trained technical representative to fill up the gas, and not try it at your home by yourself.

  • Sprinkle water on the outdoor unit

LG recommends that during extremely high temperatures, you spray some water on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner in order for it to work effectively, and cool down the appliance.

  • Make sure to get your preventive maintenance done from time to time

As temperatures fluctuate between jittering cold to extremely hot in our country, you should ensure that the air conditioning unit gets serviced before you begin to resume its use. This will help you be wary of any damaged or repairable parts  in your air conditioner, so that they don’t deteriorate the cooling capacity of your unit.

  • Choose the right mode and settings

Since LG air conditioners are offered with a number of cooling modes and settings, you must know how to navigate and choose between the ideal mode on the basis of the weather outside. For example, your otherwise splendid air conditioner might feel worn off on a rainy day as you have not turned on the dehumidifier.

  • Make sure that your AC is adequately sized 

Last but not the least, you should research the required size of your air conditioner in accordance with your room size and number of guests. This is extremely essential as the cooling capacities of ACs differ greatly due to size. ACs usually begin from a 1 ton capacity for a small room, but then there are multiple dynamic size options available in the market nowadays for you to choose from.


No matter how reliable your air conditioner is, you must take all necessary precautions and measures to ensure that there is no obstruction in cooling. You should also ensure that you regularly clean the air filter and get it serviced from time to time. There is also a chance that your current air conditioner might be inadequately sized as per your room and hence, is unable to cope up with the rising temperatures.

In such a case, it would be wise to consider an upgrade. You can check your desired air conditioner price online, and purchase your favourite AC model by shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Just choose your favourite model, and pay for it at no cost EMIs by using your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, with flexible tenors ranging from 3 months to 24 months.

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