How to Manage Your Business with Free Scheduling Software

When we say in business, “Time means money,” we simply mean that time delayed could actually cost the business big setbacks, public relations disaster, loss of already gained grounds, eventual dip in ROI and in some cases per capital income loss. Slack business is bad business- Let’s face it, no one wants to deal on unsure terms, with poor customer relations approaches where anything and everything goes. No one does.

Time is highly essential in the putting together of any business. Time to make the first contact, time to follow up on that customer, time to answer to them, make payments, track transactions, appointment time, creating events, and whatever else is necessary to sustain the distinct organizational culture of the business. This is the reason for scheduling.

Scheduling in business relates to booking and organizing events. Events with clients, in-company events with team members and colleagues, creating event polls, booking appointments all require decent scheduling to accomplish.

Traditional scheduling is expensive. It takes a whole lot of time to organize and consumes plenty resources. Little wonder the world is turning to automation to satisfy their scheduling needs. Businesses now employ the services of software assistants to carry out scheduling tasks. Who can blame them, especially now that such assistance can come absolutely free on the internet.

Free scheduling software

As explained, scheduling software helps to organize the frequently overwhelming scheduling process. They also come free, only a few of them. Free scheduling software is an online scheduling tool in its own right, offering businesses relief for all scheduling related tasks.

Let us consider Square, not because it’s the most powerful free scheduling software offering a flexible solution for all booking and payment needs, but because it’s a complete business management tool, just so you can understand how to use it to manage your business.

Firstly, you need to get it by signing up. Don’t worry it’s absolutely free for individuals, and though payment is required for team use, it’s really affordable.

Next, you have to carefully consider your needs, streamlining what you really need the free scheduling software for before you go for it.

For customer booking

If customer booking is needed, that is you expect your customers to book your services online, you can direct them to your free scheduling software-given online booking website, or booking links on Google and Instagram.

Customers can even book from anywhere in the world at any time of the day on the free scheduling software, being the online application that it is.

It is at this same online booking site or booking links that your customers can make payments at checkout.

Your customers can make any type of payment right on the free scheduling app, or over the phone by a simple keying in of payments. It is quick and seamless, and you can receive your funds even instantly for a fee per transfer, or by the next business day.

Customer’s payment methods can be saved for easier future bookings and for you to receive payment.

For booking appointments

Ok so you target a meeting with your customers to maybe introduce a new solution, or expound on an old one, and wish to make an appointment with them online. Online appointments are the best by-the-way, especially because they can link everyone in from anywhere in the world at the same time. To get started, you can use the free scheduling software to create an event poll and get customer’s votes in order to determine the best time to schedule the appointment. You may proceed thereafter to complete the details of the appointment and schedule your meeting.

This booking experience can be a two-way traffic where customers can book appointments with your company directly. Say they’ve just made a search on Google or Instagram and found your company, and wish to book an appointment. The free scheduling software provides the added advantage.

For managing other parts of your business

Excellent customer relationship in business is essential to retaining them and achieving set goals. Striking a balance between give and take, and communicating the right messages all help to locate your business in the hearts of your customers. With a powerful free scheduling software, you can stay close to your customers, send automated responses and receipts via email or text message, collect customer feedback, sell your products and services, track inventory, get email alerts, receive sales reports all in real time.


The free scheduling software is efficiency on the go. It is fast and reliable, the few ones the type of which I mentioned here earlier. It will therefore be an error for any business to try to run scheduling tasks by traditional methods that leave out free scheduling software.

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