How to Improve User Experience to Get More Conversions

Any business that drives sales from their website is highly dependent on the user experience of that particular site. Some business tends to ignore this fact, but there is no doubt that better user experience will drive more conversions.  Now, if you are looking to revamp your site to improve the user experience, the process will seem a bit overwhelming. To simplify things, below are a few steps which you can follow to improve the user experience on your website. You can also check BlueRush as well who provides custom solutions to improve user experience and user journey.

Differentiate Your CTAs

One common mistake everyone makes is that they put multiple CTAs in one position. When you have placed various CTAs together in one place, your audience can get confused. This does not mean that you are not allowed to have more than one CTA on a single page. If you have more than one sales and landing pages this could be beneficial. But, while putting two CTA’s on one page, make sure that they are relatively distant and are in a position from where the reader is more likely to click.

Understand How People are Navigating & Clicking on your Website

You can’t simply improve the user experience, without knowing how users are behaving on your website. To see how users are acting on your site, check the click activity, scroll maps, heat signatures etc. You have to identify where the action is happening on the page, and where the users are not paying attention. Then you need to work on the areas that are being ignored and capitalize on the areas where users are taking more actions.

Dismantle Page Elements into Separate Parts

It’s true, your website does need to look like a complete picture, but that does not mean you are allowed to ignore the small parts. Every element on your site is getting some feedback from users. You can use any tool to record the click activity on those elements and then you can analyze that activity to understand user behavior. Use that knowledge to drive more conversions. For example, if a particular text on an element has received a good number of clicks, then why not add a hyperlink there?

Optimize Your Main Pages

When it comes to improving user experience, it is all about priorities. For instance, if you are improving the design elements on your website, you may want to start with your important pages. Your homepage, sales page and landing pages are the first ones that need to be optimized. Start working on them one by one and pick one area at a time. It is vital that you take your time. Gather user data and implement A/B testing. Do that until you have finished your list. It may sound like a time-consuming process, but it is worth it.

Pay More Attention to Customer Service

Customer service is more vital to your website than you think. It is your way of showing to your visitors that they matter and you care. And customer services does not only mean that you need to be available for a chat there all the time. Develop a separate section on your site, where you can put FAQs and other helpful information that your user may need. Now, your users won’t need to reach out to you for a simple question that can be answered on the website itself.

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