How to Craft a Successful Brand Image for Your Law Firm

A successful brand image is one that is consistent across many platforms, recognizable by both your consumers and those outside of your demographic, and one that best represents your business’s services and what your business stands for.

It can be a challenge for a small business to develop a brand image that is consistent because small businesses inevitably change over time. Even so, regardless of your law practice’s size and whether you are independent or not, it is essential that you have synergy between your business’s platforms and that your brand is memorable and recognizable, in order to keep customers coming back.

This guide will give you some helpful tips to drive you towards a consistent and strong brand image for your law firm.

Perfect Your Logo

Before you begin anything else, you must create a logo that you can implement across all of your marketing materials and platforms.

A strong logo will include your law firm’s name and have a simple icon that relates to either the name or something else about your business, such as your location. A common icon that is used by many businesses is an animal that is easily recognizable, such as a bird. Keep the colors relatively simple and easy on the eye and you’ll have a logo that is of high-quality.

Design a Website

A website is essential for any and every business, including law practices. A good, smooth-running website will aid your quest in creating a strong brand image, but a poor one can negatively impact your business and even your sales, particularly if customers struggle to find contact information or simply cannot navigate the site easily. Make sure to add your logo to your site as a header image or sidebar image.

  • Accessibility 

Accessibility is imperative for websites. If your users cannot use your website well, they will simply click off. For this reason, often, simplicity is the best option. Have a visible navigation page that links to your About Us, Contact US and Services pages, and any other page that you think is necessary for your firm.

  • Short Domain Name and Link URLs

A short domain name and short link URLs look much more professional than long, complicated ones and they are much easier for customers to remember and therefore revisit your site.

  • Images

Sprinkle in a few images on your site, whether it is of your employees, your office, or something else relevant to your firm. This can break up the text on your site and make it more accessible to read.

  • Contact Information

One of the most important things to remember when designing your sign is to include your contact information so that your customers can ask you about any queries or book your services. This information needs to be clear, concise and accessible from the home page. You do not want your customers to have to hunt down your phone number.

Build a Social Media Presence

Your brand image is only as good as the people who know about it. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress are fantastic platforms to grow a presence for your law firm and draw in loyal followers.

Make your icon (your profile picture) consistent across all the platforms you use. To do this, simply use your logo.


Twitter is essential for keeping up with marketing trends as soon as they happen and staying up to date with your competitor’s activities. You can reach out to your customers and they can reach out to you. It’s a great platform for addressing casual queries and posting news about your firm that will help to create a trustworthy image of your company.

Twitter also has a useful integrated promoted posts service. If you have a tweet that celebrates your latest service or a new offer, you can promote it and reach the customers you need to.


Facebook generally reaches a different audience to Twitter and it has some unique, integrated features. Just like Twitter, however, you can make use of targeted advertisements with your posts that can help to initially get your brand image out there.

Facebook also lets you schedule posts in advance, which is helpful for creating consistent content and paints your brand as one that is active and up to date with the market.


You could design your entire website on WordPress, that’s just how useful it is. You could also use it to create and run a blog for your site to adds to the consistency of your brand’s image and that you could link across your social media channels for interlinking and synergy purposes.

Posting blog posts or articles regularly presents your firm as well-informed, researched and as a key name in the industry. Your customers can immediately see that you are knowledgeable about the law industry, which makes you trustworthy. Blogs are also imperative for search engine optimization (SEO) as they can drive more traffic to your site.

  • Consult a Professional 

If you run a law firm, you probably are not an expert in digital marketing or brand images. To make the most of your brand image, consult the mind of an expert like those from Just Legal Marketing. They can assist you in building an easily navigated website and increase your traffic and, therefore, overall revenue through SEO techniques.

Just as your customers come to you because you are a law professional, there is no harm in contacting an expert in digital marketing to craft a stronger image for your company.

A weak brand image can break your company. If your target demographic doesn’t know how to find your services, they won’t find your services. It’s that simple.

Keeping your brand image consistent across all of your platforms is imperative. Use the same colors across your main website, your blog, and your Twitter and Facebook pages. Keep the same tone of voice across social media as you do on your website. While Twitter may be a more casual platform than your website, it’s essential that you maintain your professional image.

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