How To Detect Termites In Your New Office?

Termite eat soft or rotten wood, they will generally leave hardwood alone. This could be useful to know if you’re building or repairing a home or office.

It’s worth noting that termites eat wood to survive, this is different from carpenter ants that simply bore tunnels into the wood to live in.

A termite colony can eat through one foot of a 2×4 beam in just 5 months. That illustrates how quickly they could cause structural issues, even in a recently built building.

The good news is that the signs of termite activity are the same in an older building and a new build. You simply need to know what you’re looking for.

However, no matter how confident you are in checking for termites, you should also click here and get some professional backup. They know what they are looking for and how to resolve the issue.

Here are the main signs that you have a termite issue:


If you inspect any visible wood you may see some small pin-sized holes. These are likely to be where the termites have entered your wood and moved through it

Below these holes, you should find a tiny pile of fine sawdust, all that’s left of the wood from in the hole.

These two features together will suggest you have termites.


Thanks to the weakening of the wood it will sound hollow when you tap it. This is a good sign that the wood is suffering from termite damage.

The hollowness s simply because there are so many tunnels crisscrossing through the wood. If you find a hollow piece then you should tap the surrounding area. The greater the amount of hollow wood you can find the bigger the termite issue is likely to be.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is always going to attract your attention if you’re in a new build. If you see peeling paint that looks like it’s the result of water damage then you’ve either got water damage or termites.

The paint peeling off the wood is because of the termite activity, it’s unable to stay attached.

Buckling Floorboards

If the termites are in the floorboards then you’ll start to notice them buckling. If you can poke them and run a screwdriver straight through them then they are so riddled with holes as to be considered rotten. This will affect the structural integrity of your floor.

Loose Tiles

Termites increase the moisture level in your office. This additional moisture has a negative effect on the tiles on your floor. If you notice they are starting to loosen or lift then you’ll need to consider whether you have a termite issue.

It’s essential to remember that termites can attack any building. But, you generally won’t see the heart of the colony. That’s why you should find out more about your local experts and have them handle the termites for you. They’ll locate the colony and make sure it’s treated and all the termites are dead.

It’s the only safe way to deal with them.

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