How to Choose best Blogging Outreach Service Agencies

The most effective way to gain traffic to your website and have significantly improved rankings is blogger outreach, also known as sponsored posting. While some digital marketers prefer to do it alone, many find it extremely important to use the best blogger outreach services.

People who are well versed in SEO are good at keyword research, all the significant technicalities, site structure analysis, competitor analysis, and content analysis. Still, the thing is most of them do not know a thing about contacting social media influencers and other bloggers to establish a relationship.

On the other hand, many clients may know everything about SEO front but have no blogging outreach experience. This article will discuss why using a dedicated outreach service can save you a lot of time and trigger SEO results, and improve your site’s ranking.

How to choose the best blogging outreach service agencies?

You must keep in mind that it is crucial to research what kind of blogger outreach you want. You should know your passion and expectation and search accordingly. Get in touch with bloggers to whom blogger outreach is like a walk in the park.

And this can only happen when a group of people is solely dedicated to building relationships with bloggers who get high traffic and writing numerous niches.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to make sure of while choosing the best blogging service agencies.

Choose an agency that has access to the Exclusive Network blog.

This is the most crucial factor while choosing a blogging service agency. You want to hire an agency that is some connection with influencers. Influencers are the ones who will be talking about your products and services. These people are viewed as kings in their respective areas, so it becomes essential to hire an agency that has nurtured some relationship with the influencers from your site.

For example, If your company sells protein bars aimed at fitness freaks, you don’t want to outsource the work to a company with only ‘techies’ in their network. You want your products, in this case, the protein bars, to be associated with the fitness freaks. So it would be best for you to hire an agency that has close connections with fitness and lifestyle blogs, fitness experts, and gym blogs. It’s advisable to opt for an outreach agency that can handpick its influencers.

Handpicking influencers give your product precedence, which makes your product very exclusive. You can sleep in peace by keeping in mind that the influencers will be vested in promoting your product as they know some products, and it’s not new to them. Sometimes it just takes one review to increase your product’s brand value and crawl up in the search engines.

Agencies That Have Positive Experiences In The Past

It’s all about experience in this industry. The experience of an agency is more of a mirror to what it will provide you. A suitable situation is when the agency you have hired has already worked on the niche before. Still, if they have not, there’s no reason to worry about if they have spectacular experiences in other niches.

It would help if you investigated a little; check out for any bad reviews on google. Understand what the reviewer has tried to say in the bad review and what are the things that he/she did not like about the agency. Also, ensure that you get a detailed blueprint of the plan before paying.

Automated Blogger Outreach

There should be absolute transparency between the client and the agency so that the campaign runs precisely the way you want it. You don’t need to be going after an agency you hired previously.

The right agency will always ask you if you want to be involved in the work or not. They will be asking about the kind of target audience you want your product to be targeted to and whether you have run campaigns that outreach bloggers in the past, and the result you achieved. All of the above information is essential for a blogger outreach agency to plan your product or service. If an agency does not ask these obvious questions, I’d suggest you don’t hire them.

Up front Pricing With Sponsored Post 

Poor agencies have a habit of hiding the truth about what they are doing with the money you are paying them. However, the right blogger outreach agency will have nothing to hide. Everything is transparent for you and them. They will not shy away from discussing their plans and how they intend to approach your given assignment.

Do I Have To Break The Bank To Pay An Agency?

No, you do not need to break the bank to pay for a blogging agency. Blogging agencies generally offer a price model that is campaign based which takes account of all the expenditure required to run a campaign. This may include but is not limited to labor costs, and everything needed to promote a campaign digitally.

Some agencies offer you a fixed quote, while others have a price model based on the site. Both of these price models are choosable; it totally depends on you and your budget. Some blogging agencies offer premium services, which means if you pay extra, you get many things added to your cart.

However, you should be aware of the base price. From there, you can bargain with the agency or look for other agencies.


Always opt for agencies with native English speakers as you want your content to be written in Good English. Content that is written in good English not only makes a lasting impression, but you can confidently post them on your social media handles.

A classy blogger outreach agency always provides high-quality content that links to a minimum of 4-5 relevant sources. It helps you score well with Google AI.

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