Six Free Tools for Animated Videos


The explanatory videos with animated illustrations are so successful that they have not been slow to appear online tools designed to create this type of audiovisual. They are used both to present products or commercial services, to make a current topic more understandable, to raise awareness about a cause or to accompany an expert’s conference.

For example, do you dare to dream? is a promotional video of the book of the same name by Matti Hemmi, of the Inknowation consultancy, specialized in helping companies to transform.

In how does Quantitative easing work? The BBC explains how the Bank of England is going to put more money into circulation to boost the economy.

In what you need to know about the Supreme Court Birth Control Cases, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund describes the reasons why birth control expenses must be maintained in the health insurance policies paid by companies in the United States. There is a possibility that a court can give the reason to corporations that intend to exclude them.

And, in Changing Education Paradigms, the animation accompanies a talk by the renowned education expert Ken Robinson.

This type of videos requires creativity and custom production. However, the demand for solutions to make explanatory videos at low cost has led to the emergence of a variety of tools. All have a very similar operation and the differences are in the usability of the editor, the graphic styles, animations and templates available, the number of elements housed in their libraries and the offer of prices and licenses. These are some:


Moovly can be used from $ 9.95 per month, although it also includes a free unlimited account of videos of up to ten minutes each. This option includes the possibility of paying for specific uses, such as downloading the video without the watermark in high definition. In addition to premium licenses, it has specific plans for companies, educational centers, and NGOs.



PowToon also offers a free unlimited choice of videos of up to five minutes. Premium licenses start at $ 19 per month. Includes plans for companies and teachers.



Explee is available from 9 euros per month. License models can be tested for free for 30 days. Audiovisuals created with the free option, a maximum of three of three minutes, are always public.


Animation Sharks

Animation Sharks is a fan favorite animation tool. Being developed by the pioneers in the industry, Animation Sharks offer easy-to-use features, ensuring seamless animation creation in less time.


RawShorts provides two types of payment, by license or by export. The first, the cheapest is $ 49 per month. In the second option, an export package is acquired. For example, if you buy the three, each video export goes for 20 dollars; if you opt for the ten, each download would go for 12 dollars; and in the 25, for $ 8 each. The free account allows you to publish on YouTube but not download.



Wideo tool can be hired for a minimum of $ 9 per month and includes special discounts for teachers and students. It also offers customized plans for companies. With the free account, you can make videos of up to 45 seconds.


The ones included here are a sample of the existing online tools to create videos with animated illustrations. The selection has been based on two criteria: that can be used by any user without technical knowledge and who have a free option. Have you seen those animations in which hands write and draw on the screen? Well, you can do them yourself.

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