Damiani: 10 Cs of his Diamonds

Diamonds and women are Damiani’s universe. Damiani only selects the best diamonds in cut, colour and purity as the ideal ornaments for his artistic works. It’s the reason why there is always a signature by Maison on all their creative works using a diamond. Every jewel created by Damiani must serve a purpose.

It should fulfill the desires and express the dream of a woman who bears it as a gift. Here are the 10 Cs contained in a Damiani diamond:

  1. Carat

A carat is used to show the weight of the diamond. It is an indispensable element that is used to evaluate the diamond. Diamond’s weight is measured using metric carats, and one carat is the equivalent of a fifth of one gram. Diamonds used in Damiani jewellery are usually with infinite carats.

  1. Cut

The cut is the proportions that the diamond will be cut into and the shape it will take. The smith cutting the gem unveils the beauty inside these precious stones. Damiani makes use of stones with quality cuts, symmetry and proportion. You could already be aware that a full cut is what makes the stone illuminate and make it bright.

Damiani once said that the full-cut diamonds are round in shape, which gives them the ability for maximum luminosity.

  1. Colour

The degree of colour determines the colorlessness of the rock. Classification uses letters of the alphabet where D denotes the rare diamonds that are perfectly colourless to Z which are diamonds that have intense colouring. Damiani only selected diamonds from letter D to H to achieve excellence.

  1. Clarity

The purity of the gem can solely be determined by the size, number and position of any inclusions. That can only be seen upon a 10x magnification. The purity of the diamond would dictate the perfection degree it would produce.

  1. Craftsmanship

Damiani rings often provide an ideal comfort fit design. The structure is well rounded, making it comfortable to put on. A perfect example is the Damiani Minou ring, which is a classic collection in diamonds, white gold or platinum. The jewel is a refined and elegant ornament that has an exclusive raised setting of the gem.

The Minou collection has a wide array of solitaires that have multiple carat diamonds, rings, diamond necklaces and earrings, tennis bracelets, a necklace and three gemstones earrings with all these having a unique setting giving them a unique view. The ring design adds more glamor to the collection placing a crown of gems or diamonds at the base of the center gem. Minou is a unique and elegant jewelry for women as it has an incomparable grace.

  1. Custom made ornaments

As a customer, you have the liberty to acquire your ring by selecting from the numerous possible combinations. If you fancy your name, thought or even date on a diamond, then Damiani is your go-to smith to make that happen.

  1. Certificate

Damiani’s experts carefully analyze the diamonds and choose only high-quality ones with unprecedented value. To make sure that he is applying the best quality diamonds, he makes sure that all his diamonds are over 0.3 carats using an exclusive laser.

  1. Change option

Damiani’s solitaire is usually timeless. Customers are enabled to return solitaire they had bought from Damiani to exchange with a higher value ornament or an equal one if you bring it back with the international certificate. Damiani once said that the full cut of the gem brings out its luminosity and brightness. He added that a full-cut diamond could be transformed into a magnificent solitaire, surrounding a larger gem. Full-cut diamonds are generally expensive when sold per carat. That is because they have more weight and more significant in size. But all in all, they give the most glorious luminosity and brightness.

  1. Coverage

Damiani creates stunning jewellery to be put on daily. That means that Damiani will offer you as the customer free warranty certificate. The certificate will cover you from the time of purchase since Damiani gives customers quality and luxury assurance.

  1. Child labour and conflict-free ornaments

Damiani does not just pick anyone to be their supplier. They are carefully selected so that the company cannot infringe on anyones’ rights. Damiani does not use children to supply nor to procure for the raw materials or in the entire production process. The company looks to ensure profits made here cannot bring about civil wars with other companies.

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