Commuting to Work Without the Stress

No one enjoys driving to work. With the constant traffic jams and miserable radio stations, getting to and from work is work. Traffic jams are not going away any time soon. Until the mainstream use of flying cars, gridlock will be the status quo for the foreseeable future.

Do not fear, there may be a feasible alternative. Scooter commuting has taken the big cities by storm. By ditching the four wheels and opting for two, you can bypass the usual rush hour traffic and breeze on by the traffic. Not only will you be saving time, but you will also be saving gas and money as well. The wear and tear of gridlock traffic can cause severe damage to your car. This will result in repairs that will continue to cost you in the long run.

With the rapid developments in technology, there have been great advances in the ability to commute to work. Ditch the subways and crowded freeways an opt for a more ecofriendly and efficient way.

If you live in a city, there are newer ways to commute that continue to pop up at a very regular pace. Keep reading below to learn how a motorized adult scooter for commuting can help you break away from the stress ways.


Segways have been around for years and have refused to give up the spotlight. Segways were once coveted by the rich for the exclusivity. However, with the diversity of the scooter markets, Segways have dropped greatly in their price tags. Now, these devices are affordable for most workers. With the money you will be saving in gas, you will be up and riding in no time.

The Segway works by using a gyroscope to balance and move. By leaning forward or backward, the scooter moves the rider at a rapid speed. The rider can navigate the sidewalk with expert precision with simple movements. Segway’s have enough battery life to ensure that you can travel for multiple days without worrying it draining during your commute.

Rentable Scooters

The most recent advancement in scooter technology is the development of companies like Lime and Bird electric scooters. Similar to an Uber, these devices do not require a purchase. Instead, the rider can rent access to the device and simply leave it parked it after they are done.  By using the app, customers can rent and find scooters nearby.

Rentable scooters are like if the scooter you use to ride when you were a kid had an engine strapped to them. A simple throttle controls the speed and with a quick twist, you are off and on your way. The scooters are street legal and allow for use on either the road or the bike lane. Because of the ease of access, rentable scooters are taking big cities by storm and will be all over the world very soon.

Electric Skateboard

Yes, they do have four wheels, but they are drastically different to a car, so they still count. With the development of light weight batteries, more and more of your childhood devices are becoming motorized. Skateboards are the next new thing. Similar to the design of a traditional skateboard, the board is steered by the use of body weight leaning on the board.

The major difference is the use of a small remote to control the speed. The rider can slowdown and speed up without the need to remove your feet from the board. Any electric skate board will have the battery life to get to and from the office with no issue. If more power is needed, you can simply charge the device off any standard outlet.

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