Challenges That Employers Will Face In 2022

The global economy still hasn’t recovered from the COVID pandemic, when we had extended lockdowns. It seems there are new strains forming all the time, which means more social distancing and maybe closures ahead.

Despite this, there are positive signs that the economy is on the up, and if you are a business owner, here are some of the challenges you are likely to face in 2022, especially when you are doing business in the United Kingdom.


For many businesses, downsizing is the only smart thing to do. If you are looking at ways of reducing your workforce, there is an outsourced HR agency offering redundancy support for employers in the UK. For those located in other countries and would want a similar service, a quick Google search should lead you to a reputable HR agency near you.

The UK employment laws are extremely complex and without the help of a leading HR agency, you might end up failing to comply and that could mean heavy fines. Once you see a downward trend in revenue, you need to start putting together a downsizing plan and crunching the numbers will tell you whether it is a wise move or not.

Equity In The Workplace

This is a real challenge for every business owner and one of the reasons to hire a good HR agency. Outsourced HR consulting firms London, for example, is composed of a team of specialists who can ensure that you run an inclusive organization. In fact, many CEOs use the outsourced service for all their HR needs, and that ensures compliancy across the board. They arrange workshops to help employees gain a better understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, while managing all of your HR needs, including leave and payroll.

Working From Home

Many companies introduced this during the lockdowns and when they saw the huge savings from closing the office, many decided to offer their staff this option after things returned to normal; who wouldn’t prefer working from home? Thanks to digital tech, we can now communicate effectively online and that is a game-changer. You might need to invest in a few hi-end laptops and help out with employee Internet costs, as they are using the web for the company.

Integrating New Technology

This is the start of a new digital dimension, with the Internet of Things and new tech needs to be integrated (where possible) into your business. AI is a game-changer and we can expect to see large systems managed by AI, which is both good and bad.

Supply Chain Issues

We are already seeing disturbing images of container ships stacked up outside major ports and this is a sure sign of supply chain problems. Make sure you bulk-order products and materials that your business needs to operate and keep your ear to the ground regarding rumours. Always look further up the chain to get indications of what to expect and act accordingly.

The short-term future might look a little uncertain but if you can weather the storm, 2023 and 2024 should see growth across all sectors. The world of business is in a constant state of change and it can be a challenge for the small business owner to keep pace.

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