Book a Million-dollar Account with B2B Sales Training

Selling is art. It thrives not just on the base of raw talent but also trained techniques. Companies often hire people with a sales background, hoping their experience and personality alone will suffice. Unfortunately, this positive illusion lasts only for a little while.

Your sales team needs continuous skills improvement, especially when your company handles corporate accounts. You should know by now that B2B (business-to-Business) selling has a whole world of difference from retail selling. Here is how your employee can book a million-dollar account when you invest in quality B2B sales training.

Holistic Approach to Selling

Your training coach will tell you that booking corporate clients is not a one-time affair, unlike B2C (business-to-consumer) selling. Your first interaction with the client maybe just a quick coffee meeting, discussing the weather. It is fine, provided that you have a game plan. After all, B2B selling is focused on long-term relationship building.

Your training will include an understanding of the overall sales process, from prospecting to client on-boarding. Your training will also allow you to be mentally and emotionally ready for long-term interaction with the client.

Technical Product Knowledge

B2B selling requires comprehensive product knowledge. Dictating the features of your software is not enough, unlike in B2C selling. You need to discuss how this offer translates to company benefits and why the software is different from similar software in the market. Your training will help you put into relatable words the answer to the question – what’s in it for the company?

You can bring with you a technical person if it helps build credibility. But it is every salesperson’s job to study the client’s profile, including their industry’s recent events and even their organisational structure.

Multiple Interactions

If you want that million-dollar account, be prepared to interact with different decision-makers – finance, purchasing, operations, senior management, etc. Your B2B sales training will help you gain confidence in handling different personalities. You will also learn how to observe informal interactions and display of power. For instance, the company President may listen to the recommendations of the Finance Manager but trust the word of his Executive Assistant more. You must know who to approach and how to get support.


In B2B sales, the client is an informed decision-maker. Money is at stake, and reputation needs to be maintained. Hence, most clients are cautious and take time to compare product features and costs. The client will likely attempt to negotiate terms or prices. Good B2B sales training will equip an employee to prepare for contingencies like on-the-spot negotiations. You may lose your coveted million-dollar account if you give an outright “no” or a vague “maybe” response. Learn effective scripts and negotiation techniques when you book B2B sales training.

After-contract service

Your responsibility does not end in closing the contract. Remember that in open contracts, the client can withdraw from the deal. About 55% of clients that experience bad service switch to another provider. Your B2B sales training will teach you how to protect your million-dollar account by delivering quality customer service (e.g., immediate response and granting of credits).

In no time, you can book your first high-value client, and at the heart of your success is a quality sales training in B2B.

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