Blue light coating on glasses, what makes them so powerful?

In case you haven’t heard, people are embedding blue light coating on glasses during this quarantine. It has got really popular among teenagers to older adults, the blue light coating on glasses helps them decrease the struggle with screen usage and bring eye relief. You must be wondering how blue light glasses are integrated with quarantine?

What activity did you do most in this quarantine?

The right answer lies in the number of activities and types of activities you’ve been doing during this lockdown period. Some of you might have cooked a delicious meal, others chatted with their friends for hours, some did something creative like painting or sewing and people like me read some philosophy books. However, apart from these beautiful activities, the most amount of time we all spent was binge-watching Netflix or any other show on the internet.

Even when things got little easy, we started to do the primary things in our life that are important to perform. Tasks like working from home on our laptops, resuming back to studies through online classes or holding meetings through video chats. One constant thing is the use of digital screens. Digital devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods or computers are used for extended hours. The increased amount of screen consumption is extremely threatening to our eyes and leading it into a serious condition. The only way to escape the growing negative impacts of screens on our eyes is to use computer glasses or blue light glasses.

How does Blue light coating work?

Blue light coating on clear lens, or prescription lens work as any other protective coating but much stronger and beneficial. It helps you fight out blue light rays that are emitted from the sun, LED light and your screens. Read on to find out how it improves your lifestyle and health of the eyes.

Improve Sleeping Hours

Adults don’t get enough time to sleep. Especially busy with work and technology, they often work till late at night facing against the screen thinking they’ll sleep in just a few seconds. However blue light rays play a trick on you. It never lets you sleep and keeps you awake for 4 in the mourning making your next day exhaustible and irritating. Blue light rays suppress the release of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone and keeps you feeling alert and active all night long. With active blue light blocking, you can still complete your last-minute work and feel sleepy when it’s enough for your health. It gives you your proper hours of sleep back.

Eliminate Eye strain and Headache

One of the most tragic symptoms of blue light rays from screens is unbearable headaches and eye strain. The severity of the symptoms can also vary such as red-eye, itchiness, burning sensation or watery eye. However, with a blue light coating on your glasses, the symptoms reduce up to 99.9% and you feel extremely comfortable and at ease while operating on any screen.

Saves you from serious eye disease

Active penetration of blue light rays into the retina of our eyes can lead to the risk of developing serious eye problems like macular degeneration. It doesn’t happen all at once but overexposure of these rays lead to progressive vision loss among most eyes. A blue light coating on glasses helps you avoid the risk of developing such serious threats through blocking the rays entering the retina. When the wavelength is unable to reach the retain, your eyes are safe and protected even when you use the screen for long hours.

Apart from all the benefits, since we all love the glasses as an ultimate elegant fashion accessory, getting blue light coating is only going to improve your eyes. Your glasses will no longer be just a style statement but a lifesaver towards screen obsession. You can get blue light coating on any of your designer glasses, college glasses or single vision and progressive glasses.

Go ahead and get the blue light coating on glasses at Specscart. Whether you are buying prescription glasses online or fashion glasses, the Specscart glasses are all equipped with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance to ensure 100% protection and security. You can take their well-crafted design for a test drive with its 7 days free home trial for up to 4 frames. Use the quarantine to read, learn and get better. Learn new skills through the cast knowledge platform on the internet with great protection and healthy eye habits.

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