Bissell Power Edge Pet hard floor – The Best choice for Hard Floors

Vacuum cleaner reviews are a great source for investigating the details of the machine. Majority of the customers now days prefer to go through some vacuum cleaner reviews before deciding which machine to buy. Best vacuum cleaner reviews attract customers to buy the product by highlighting every minute detail about the machine. Vacuum cleaner reviews are either written by the Owner Company or third party vendors. Bissell’s best vacuum cleaner reviews have attracted a great majority of customers. Following is one of the best vacuum cleaner reviews from Bissell.

Bissell power edge pet hard floor 81L2T is a stick vacuum without any bags that are specially designed for removing animal hair, dust from hard surfaces including laminated floors, wooden floors, and tile or marble floors. It also works well on carpets and rugs. The Bissell power edge comes with a swivel head plus a V-shaped cleaning path to perfectly remove dust from furniture corners. The Bissell Power edge is best for hard floors, but if you are looking for a vacuum machine for cleaning smooth surfaces like carpets, mats or rugs, then this would not be the best product for you.

Power Edge is equipped with the ability to clean and remove pet hairs and dirt that only conventional brushes and brooms were able to clean. It reaches most awkward corners with ease. The V-shaped cleaning path transfers large dust particles into the center path of suction, and its edges catch dust particles from furniture corners perfectly. It efficiently cleans your home from pet hairs with the help of rubber lips and delivers highly powerful suction.

Bissell Power Edge is a light weight machine and can be steered around easily around the home without exerting much effort. The vacuum can be emptied easily by the dirt cup. You do not need to buy and replace bags as this model ditches bags. The V-Shaped cleaning path, swivel head. Dirt cup and no-bags are the attractive features of Bissell’s Power-edge pet hard floor 81L2T. This product comes with one year of warranty.


  • Easy to assemble parts
  • No tools to attach
  • Easy configuration
  • Lightweight, easy to move around and store
  • Powerful suction
  • Picks up minute dirt particles and pet without causing scratches or bruises on floor.
  • Easy to release cord
  • Dirt cup that can be easily emptied
  • Well balanced (does not fall)
  • V-shaped technology for cleaning furniture edges and legs


  • Unable to reach narrow and tight places/corners
  • Cannot work well on sot floors (carpets, rugs, and mats)
  • Not so stylish looks
  • Makes noises


Out of many vacuum cleaner reviews, Bissell is one of the best vacuum cleaner. This product has great suction power and picks up pet hairs and dirt from furniture and hard floors effectively. This mode is not very suitable for carpets and rugs, but you can read this review about Bissell crosswave review. It does not come with any bags, and V-shaped cleaning paths are best for removing dust from furniture and stairs railings.

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