Best Wix Influencer Apps

There are millions of apps that digital marketers often use to run their Wix store. Some apps have stood out among them, both in functionality, user experience, and effectiveness.

As you know, influencer marketing is becoming a trend in this post-COVID-19 era, and marketers have confessed to getting astonishing results from using these apps.

Though you’ll wish most of the apps are free, they aren’t since their features are premium. The fact is, many believe these are cheats, helping you attain a feat that would have taken you years to achieve.

So, here are the best Wix influencer apps that you can’t do without.

  1.   OSI Affiliate Software

OSI affiliate was developed for companies of all sizes, helping businesses set up and manage their referral program. It has been a robust tool in influencer marketing, as Influencers can use their unique referral link to promote a brand or a product.

Aside from influencers, website visitors or customers can also sign up with their email address and become referrals. Through this grand strategy, a business can amass more customers and boost revenue.

This incredible software comes with a sophisticated reporting feature, coupled with some automated functionalities that make managing your referrals easier.

  1.   Linktrack

As an e-commerce owner, monitoring links or traffic is one of the vital functions. However, this app makes it even easier to monitor your clicks without hassles. It provides a real-time update, thereby keeping you aware of the traffic at all times.

You get unlimited tracking of links for premium accounts, which is probably something might consider going for. The reporting system is detailed, which helps individuals to make better-informed decisions.

You can quickly obtain the reports on their website, or perhaps you can get it through an API. There is a free version with some basic options useful for individuals who don’t have a budget for this app yet.

  1.   Mention Me

This app is one of a kind, and it’s quite similar to OSI Affiliate in terms of functionality. It’s an enhanced marketing platform that businesses can use to grow their business.

If you’ve incorporated influencer marketing into your strategies, you’ll find this app super helpful. Many describe it as being user friendly and easy to set up.

The reporting dashboard is some of the features you will love, with detailed information that helps you track your campaigns and evaluate the user performance.

  1.   Buyapowa

Another excellent referral marketing app that you can use to enhance your influencer marketing is Buyapowa. If you want to help you achieve a seamless experience, there are multiple methods that you can use to integrate the app into your campaign.

This app eliminates manual actions, thereby helping you automate the referral processes, thereby improving accuracy. Not all, you can also optimize each step in the referral process. It tends to improve the outcome of the campaign.

The developers promise protection for data, fraud prevention, and spam detection, coupled with numerous other functionalities.

  1.   Savior Affiliate Partner

This mobile app is a platform where users can discover discount deals and cash backs from brands. With this app, users can easily find brands or businesses through word of mouth from other users.

To expand its services, Savior launched its affiliate program, which you can integrate into your Wix store for influencer marketing. By networking with influencers using this app, you can increase your reach by getting your brand in front of its target audience.

This affiliate program is commission-based, which tends to reward affiliates by giving them a percentage of the commission for every deal they get through their app.

  1.   Awin

Awin is a global affiliate network that brands or businesses can utilize to boost revenue and increase their customer base. It is pretty popular in Europe, the UK, and North Africa, and users have been giving positive reviews regarding this app.

Awin is one of the best Wix influencer apps you should consider, especially since it’s an award-winning app with lots of incredible potentials. One of the features you’ll admire the most is something called ‘covert a link,’

It is a free plugin that you can use to insert links on your website automatically. You no longer need to do it manually, as it converts regular links to your affiliate links without hurdles.

  1.   Affiliatify

Another excellent affiliate app that you can use to increase conversion on your store is Affiliatify. In case you haven’t heard of this app before, it’s an affiliate program where users can promote your products and services.

In return, you pay them a commission based on how many deals they executed. With this robust app, you can monitor and manage your affiliate program right from your web browser.

There is no need to install any package on your computer or phone, as everything you need can be accessed online through your unique logging details.

  1.   Influitive

It is a customer advocacy platform that helps create a marketing movement for brands and businesses. Through this app, companies can leverage their customers to grow and expand without breaking the bank.

As you may already know, traditional ads aren’t as effective as before, making referral programs an effective marketing strategy. With this app, you’re trusted your users to run marketing for your business while earning a commission for every sale they make.

It comes with lots of functionalities and a detailed reporting system that you’ll find helpful.

  1.   Goaffpro

This app is an affiliate solution for e-commerce stores to market their products and services using their users. The premium plan is not expensive, making it an ideal tool for your business. But if you can’t afford that, they also have a free program you can experiment with.

This app’s features are countless, which helps you optimize the process for the best result. If you need more sales and customers, perhaps you should consider this app.

  1. 360º Referral Program Suite

Last on our list is this reliable affiliate software, making our top 10 best Wix influencer app.

One of the edges this app has is allowing users to create custom affiliate code. It helps for branding purposes, especially for users promoting your brand through their brands.

Also, they allow for full CSS customization. That means there is no limit to how far you can go with this app.

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