The Best Online Paying Apps For Small Businesses

As we move further into a paperless world, more and more people prefer using wire transfers to make payments such as sending money to Mexico from the USA. Small businesses, in particular, have become advantaged in the same area with the recent developments of apps that do just that. As a business owner, you need a platform that will put all your financial matters into a better viewpoint. Gone are the days you needed to write it all down, and go back every time you needed to confirm something. Today you can easily and quickly make and receive payments via the apps below.


PayPal is one of the oldest payment applications still functional to this day. Its resilience through time has made it one of the most loved payment apps among the b2b crowd, among others because it integrates easily with a wide range of other apps and business management platforms. Among other the website builder Wix, is one of the many B2B/B2C companies that offer payments with Paypal.  It has also gained popular among the private customers because it’s easy to learn interface that allows free money transfer from one PayPal account to another. But it charges a small fee for currency conversions and card fee transactions. It has enabled small businesses operated locally and regionally to both to make and receive payments effortlessly and hustle free.

Google Wallet

Google has developed almost every essential system useful to the modern small business owner. They have Google docs for all documents, including balance sheets, proposal slides, and inventory checklists, just to mention a few. They also have the largest email database in the world, and now there is google wallet. Google wallet is unique as it offers an option of being synchronized with the other Google products. Meaning if your google wallet is integrated with your calendar and email, it prompts payments accordingly across the board. Believe it or not, you can send and receive money via email. As long as you have a Gmail account, you are good to go.

Facebook Messanger

I bet you had no idea you could pay via facebook messenger? Well, you can. Facebook is the most extensive social space that came with perks no one really saw coming. And considering almost everyone has a facebook account, it then becomes a reasonable channel to transfer cash. To make a payment, your client needs to input their card details such that the money is transferred promptly. Their card details are however protected such that you only receive the notification of cash transfer plus the buyer’s name and profile picture. If the transaction is successful, the balance reflects in your account in 3 to 5 working days.

Square Cash

Square Cash is an easy to use mobile card payment processor that is useful for both making and receiving payments for your small business. In fact, Square has become the number one Payment app in the US among micro businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Among other vCita, a business management app for entrepreneurs and small businesses, is an online payments app for small businesses out of many business management apps that now integrates with Square. The app allows transactions to be made in three primary channels; through phone number, email, and $cashtags. Besides it’s easy to use interface, small companies pay a minimal fee of about 1.5% to receive payments which are reasonable compared to other means. The app uses any device that connects to the internet since you need not install the app nor the software. Your client just needs to input their debit card number, and that’s it.

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