Adding a Driver to Car Insurance

Removing or adding drivers in your auto insurance policy can be done with ease by simply calling your insurance firm. In most cases, one can additionally log in to the online account of their insurer such as and update that information.

It’s also worth noting that although removing or adding drivers to your car insurance policy does not have any extra cost, one may have to pay more money on their premiums for property damage liability insurance. Whether the insurance rates will go up or not depends on a driver. The insurance firms determine the rates depending on the driving history, student status, gender and age of the driver. In some circumstances, good drivers may help in lowering the premium.

On the other hand, adding teen drivers or drivers with many claims or accidents will probably increase your premium. This is simply due to the fact that insurance firms deem such drivers as high risk because of high chances of being involved in accidents or driving inexperience. Having the under-21 policy in your policy might help you to reduce the premium by motivating your teenager to obtain good grades, take courses on driver safety and having a driving record that is clean.

When you have to add someone in your car insurance

The main individual that is insuring a vehicle is the one that decides all the secondary drivers that they will add to their car insurance. This main person (primary insured) happens to the main driver or owner of the vehicle. Being the main auto insurance policyholder, one can add either add family member, people they live with in similar home address or people who use the vehicle regularly as secondary drivers. Drivers that one may add to the insurance may include; roommates, family members that live with you, teenage drivers and spouse.

One should contact their insurance firm if they’ve a special situation or question. Some insurance firms might require the insured to add family members or friends that use your vehicle even if they don’t reside in your home address. One might also have to list any licensed individual in your house, regardless of whether they are intended to regularly drive the car or not.

One may not wish to allow every person residing in their house the coverage or permission of driving their vehicle, particularly if they have been involved in multiple accidents in the past or if they are new drivers. In such circumstances, one can ask the insurance company to exclude certain people from the insurance of their car. Contrarily, the insurance firm may make the assumption that everyone visiting or residing in your house has the permission of driving your vehicle, meaning that any accidents they’ve in your vehicle will have to go through your car insurance.

How one can add a driver to their insurance policy

As we previously stated, adding a driver to your auto insurance policy is a simple process. First and foremost, you can either log in to the online account of your insurer or contact them through a phone call.  On doing so, you can then request to remove or add secondary drivers in your account. You will have to provide the driver’s necessary information as well as the reason of removing or adding them. You can inquire about the available discounts and insurance rates. Lastly, one can request the mail confirmation to act as a proof of your records. Alternatively, one can save the information of the updated drivers online. Adding a Driver to

If you are adding new drivers or a new vehicle to your insurance policy, one may be qualified for the bundling discounts. However, you have to ensure that you are clear with your insurance on the driver that uses which vehicle.

Therefore, if a teen has a vehicle that they generally drive, for instance, the parent should not be named as a primary driver. This process is also referred to as fronting and may result to revoked claims. However, it’s worth noting that most insurance firms tend to stick to the common rule of 1 vehicle per driver within a household. They may therefore need an explanation for listing yourself as a primary driver in many vehicles.

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