5 Best Email Address Search Engine

One of the most popular communication channels since the invention of the internet is the email. People use email for both formal and informal reasons. However, we all have that one situation where we received a suspicious mail, and we wanted to know who the sender was.

In that case, what should you do? Looking for an email lookup option should solve your problem instantly. But it does not go down without a fight. The best email search option is challenging to find; especially since you can find so many of them on the internet.

Today, we are going to highlight the five best email address search sites, such as Zosearch.


What you look for when looking for an email lookup platform

Before you consider using any site, you should prioritize your needs. One website can suit a friend of yours, but it may fail to work for you. Therefore, here are some things you should note while searching.

  • Some sites are free while others demand that you pay a subscription fee
  • You need to know what other people are saying about the email lookup tool. Read plenty of reviews to know the best websites around
  • Look for recommendations from experts as well as friends and relatives
  • Understand what kind of information you will get from the report the tool provides
  • Know the limitations within the site

We are going to consider this as we list down the lookup tools we feel are the best. Let us get down to work.

#1. Zosearch

This site is prolific. Although it is a new site, the email lookup option has taken the online directory niche by storm since it has over one million users. Besides that, popular online brands such as Life wire, Forbes, Tech Radar, and many other sites, recommend the brand.

Zosearch2To add on that, Zosearch is free. You do not have to pay any fee to get the report. Additionally, the site is easy to use, the menus are user-friendly, and the content is fresh. You will not get lost. Trust me. If you have any issues concerning their email lookup services, you can contact their customer support.

#2. True People Search

Just like Zosearch, this is another active site. It has many users and provides other services that are helpful when you want to know the person behind the email. Also, TruePeopleSearch is easy to use, and you should not encounter any issues when going to the different sections within the website.

Unlike other email lookup sites, this one provides a clear and detailed report. You will be able to know the email owner within minutes.

#3. Find that email

If you are looking for an email lookup website that provides accurate information, then this is the site to use. You will never go wrong with this site, since it also gives you the person’s offline data, in addition to online information.

The only drawback of this site is that you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee, unlike sites like Zosearch. If you do not need it for frequent use, then this would be an investment you would not consider since it is expensive.

#4. PeopleSmart

If you want to perform a reverse email search, this is the platform to use. Other than this email tool, it offers different search options, and it is effortless to use. You can also use this site to find your relative or friend. By the way, the site has a feature where it can send messages to the person you are looking for, asking them to contact you.

The only drawback of this site is that it does not have a download report option.

#5. Hunter

Email lookup tools come with different plans. For this one, it offers its users a lookup tool, which is free for the first 100 requests. Nevertheless, you have to pay 39 dollars per month, and it allows you to make up to 1000 search requests.

The site is easy to use. You only need the name of the company to search for the email. It should then provide all the emails that the company has.

Final remarks

The best email lookup tool depends on what you want. If you have the budget for subscriptions, then you should not hesitate to pay for it. However, you can go for free options  like Zosearch since there are reliable options.

As you read the reviews, get to know how accurate each site is in terms of the report it provides. That will assist in choosing the best one. Apart from all of these if you are thinking to create edu Email, visit here.

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