Are you looking for a high school Title IX Lawyer in the United States?

Facing allegations of sexual misconduct during high school can be a harrowing experience for any student and their family. 

Due to the social and academic sanctions, a strong defense of the accused becomes crucial. It saves them from potential implications in false cases.

A high school Title IX lawyer can provide the right legal aid in defending the accused in sensitive cases of sexual misconduct.

What should you know about Title IX law?

It is a part of the federal civil rights law, the Education Amendments of 1972. The law intends to address sex-based discrimination and sexual misconduct on the campuses receiving federal funds. It is applicable across the United States.

The students facing Title IX violations in high school are accused of sexual misconduct on campus. It covers complaints around non-consensual sex, indecent assault, etc.

What makes Title IX charges intimidating in a high school?

The procedures around Title IX in high schools are not as well developed as in colleges and universities. There are issues like the presumption of guilt, lack of free and fair trial among others.

Further, the stakes of the accused are high due to the tilt of law in favor of the accuser. It is due to the link of federal fund disbursal with compliance with Title IX.

Moreover, the reality of false complaints is undeniable. The cases of Duke’s lacrosse team and the University of Virginia’s fraternity brothers are some of many such instances.

Lastly, the parents of the accused student are mostly unaware of the school procedures. The issues like social sanctions, emotional vulnerabilities, and an impending career break compound their anxieties.

Hence, professional help in defending the accused becomes important in high school Title IX cases.

What can a high school Title IX attorney do for you?

Having specialized in the area of academic discipline, he/she can provide the parties with a clear understanding of the law, school procedures, and various charges involved.

Further, a high school Title IX attorney comes with a vast knowledge of school procedures. It provides a strategic advantage during the investigation process.

Lastly, an attorney can keep the school accountable to uphold due process. It gives the accused a fair chance to defend himself/herself in the case.

Concluding thoughts

Defending a high school student in cases of Title IX requires a mix of skill, knowledge, and experience. A high school Title IX attorney might be the right choice to secure your ward’s career and reputation.   

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