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We are a movie, TV show, music-loving generation. Right from YouTube videos to OTT platforms, off late, the exposure to a wide variety of content platforms has increased by ten folds. It allows us to enjoy entertainment content. But let us rewind to the good old day. Apart from content aired on TV, entertainment was limited. Now, enter in piracy world. It is a societal evil that we are still battling even to this day. Piracy involves various facets.

According to the Merriam-webster library, it defined piracy as the unauthorized use of another’s production, invention, or conception, especially in infringement of copyright. Using another person’s work without their consent to gain profits or any other benefits is piracy, and piracy is a crime that is punishable by law. But let us look at how this societal evil exists predominantly with entertainment content like movies.

Did you know that illegal downloading of copyrighted materials is attributed to 24% of the global bandwidth (Dataprot.com)? According to this same report on dataport.com, the most downloaded type of content in 2017 are tv-series. Movie piracy is on the rise; this leads to many cybersecurity concerns as well. Since many people resort to piracy, streaming, and downloading websites cater to this growing need. The most popular one of them all is 7Starhd. The most popular one of them all is 7Starhd.

Introducing ‘7Starhd 2020′: The Go-To for 300 MB Movies

It is easy for most people to distribute and pirate commercially viable English content due to its popularity. Have you ever thought about how people can access regional language movies? That is where 7Starhd comes into play. Even today, ‘7Starhd 2020’ holds a repository of Bollywood, Tollywood, and various regional language movies.

It is popular even today because it provides people with free access to the content they enjoy. It allows people to download 300 MB Movies that do not compromise on quality. Though many content creators and filmmakers are battling piracy, ‘7Starhd 2020′ caters to huge demand. It targets consumers who love to consume free content (basically everybody).

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7Starhd Reign in Popularity

India is a nation where many people still struggle with finance. That is why movie piracy is very rampant here. ‘7Starhd 2020‘ is known for leaking movies and content before or on the release date. It is in clear violation of copyright laws. The movie collection is not limited to Indian-based films and gives people access to downloading movies from countries like China, Japan, and Korea. Though illegal, this website caters to a global audience as it has various 300 MB movies with dual audio.

7Starhd before 2020: The History

Movie piracy is no new concept. Similarly, 7StarHD has been pandering to this ever-growing demand for a long time. It is allowed people to enjoy a wide range of content for close to 10 years. It is a website that has got many hyperlinks. Few of its domains are 7starhd.com, 7starhd.area, 7starhd metropolis, 7starhd.in, etc. These hyperlinks are accessible regions or at times. It depends on internet regulation for each reason.

It gave netizens the option to stream and obtain movies that are newly leaked onto the website. It is an affordable option making it reign even stronger.

What’s Different with ‘7Starhd 2020′?

Have you ever come across websites that allow you to stream or download movies in various video quality? That is what 7StarHD does, making it a go-to site for many movie buffs. It allows users to download movies in 360p, 7800, HD, and 1080p. For the data savers, they have 300 MB movies. It does not require as much data without compromising in quality.

Apart from movies, this website is notoriously known for leaking WWE content as well. Even in 2020, with OTT platforms churning content, 7Starhd has allured people with the one thing people love the best – free unlimited access. If movies and content are available for free, why look anywhere else? The home page itself is loaded with the latest Hollywood and Bollywood. Unlike another website, at 7Starhd, people can choose whether they want to download the movie or stream it online.

List of Alternative websites to 7Starhd.

Many websites allow people to stream their favorite content or download it. But very few websites will enable one to do both. Here are a few popular alternatives that most people look at if they cannot access 7Starhd:

1) 1337X:

For all the torrents, 13377x torrent is a go-to. This website holds many movies and TV show torrent files for people to download (if they have BitTorrent or uTorrent). This site provides easy access to global content across the globe. All a person needs to do is browse on the search tab and find what they are looking after.

2) Mp4moviez:

The need to be entertained has skyrocketed through the times. There is an increasing demand for movies and TV shows. That is how Mp4moviez caters to this growing demand. It hosts a repository of entertainment-based content, making it easy for people to browse through what they are looking after. This site aims to target the mobile user by providing a better user experience.

3) 9xmovies

Notorious for leaking movies before their release day, this site is a go-to for many movie enthusiasts. It has been in the movie piracy business for close to 10 years now. It has a good collection of Hollywood and other regional language movies. Another additional feature is that this website also presents dubbed movie options. It makes it easier for more people to consume different movies without language acting as a barrier.

 4) Putlocker

For a seamless movie streaming and downloading experience, this website cannot miss. It holds a large variety of entertainment content, including some very exclusive Netflix series. These pirated contents are uploaded as soon as they are released. It is one of the few websites that allow people to stream and download movies and TV shows.


Many governments are taking definitive steps to eradicate movie piracy. But with the internet being so vast and unpredictable, 7StarHD 2020 may be here to stay for a while.

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