How Much does using the Electronics Devices Harm your Seep and Body?

electronic devices64% of people aged between 17 to 30 and 35% of people from 35 to 65 for fall asleep holding their smart gadgets. But did you know technology can harm your brain, disrupt your body’s biorhythms and damage your health as well? If you didn’t know how your Smartphone effects on your body and sleep before, we have collected 5 terrifying consequences of using technology and how they affect your sleep as well. Read More

5 Productivity Boosting Tips For Online Students

e learningPursuing an online program can be quite challenging, considering the fact that you will have to take virtual classes rather than physical ones. Additionally, completing assignments on time can be difficult as well. There key challenge relates to balancing your productivity as you will probably have to juggle home or work while studying. However, it can be easily resolved if you are willing and able to channelize your energy and manage your time in the right way. Let us help you with a few productivity boosting tips that can help you in completing the course successfully. Read More

Best Selling Accessories under Rs.500

Selling AccessoriesWhen you are thinking about keeping up with the latest fashion then the fashion world is filled with options. There are so many things that one can purchase from the shops to glam up their look. When you are ready to go out for a special occasion and do not know how to complete the look then there are many added accessories that will give you the required edge. Think about the scarf that will glam up the whole dress and even come in handy in the summer. You feel that you are ready to attend an outing and then just suddenly see someone wearing a nice pair of earrings that steals their whole look and make you feel less confident about your look then you should think again and browse through the wide range of accessories that is available to you as well. Read More

5 Productivity Tips for When You’re Working From Home

5 Productivity Tips for When You’re Working From Home

“Working from home.” It sounds liberating, doesn’t it?

It can be. However, it can also be immensely challenging.

Distractions abound in a home environment. Kids, spouses, dogs, household chores and unexpected guests who fail to understand that “work from home” doesn’t mean “available to entertain visitors” — all of them pull your focus away from your job. Read More