What are the Highest Paid Jobs available with Bachelor of Commerce Degree?

With the Canadian economy growing at a steadfast rate, it is emerging as a strong contender in the global employment market. While withstanding the economic fluctuations, Canada’s labour market has shown resilience and a promise for growth by creating 53,000+ jobs until October this year.

In this booming economy, Canada is also one of the topmost destinations for pursuing undergraduate and post-grad courses. A bachelor of commerce degree in Canada has been highly sought-after with business schools and universities offering specialization in numerous sectors like Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing, International Business, Economics, Finance and Mathematics.

Sought-after jobs in financial sector

A bachelor’s degree in Commerce is a gateway into the prospering Canadian financial industry. The Canadian finance sector has undergone a paradigm shift by leveraging Big Data, machine learning and AI which has created the demand for technically adept finance and accounting professionals. Here are few high-salaried jobs in the financial sector you can apply to with a degree in commerce:

Business Analyst: 

With the average salary being $69,329 annually, this is a great option for a freshly passed out commerce graduate. This role involves understanding business requirements, offering technology-based solutions for enhancing the workflow and processes. It is a key role as it is considered the bridge between IT department and the business.

Computer and Information Systems Manager:

With the IT industry being one of the most coveted sector in Canada, this role has been deemed as one of the highest salaried jobs. Salary for this role ranges from about $103,001 an year for a first-timer to $128,003 for an experienced candidate.

The role involves implementation of various computer-related technologies ranging from network security to software upgrades. They are responsible for the security and maintenance of cyber networks and installation of latest hardware.

Senior Manager: 

Their job description is elaborate which covers looking after the functioning of numerous departments accounting, payroll, accounts payable and receivable and payroll. With a degree in commerce and prior experience in a middle management role, this job has an average annual pay of $102,003 with $159,993 as the higher limit.

While the financial sector has highly lucrative and promising jobs for commerce graduates, here are other high-paid jobs from other fields:

University professor:

For a career in the educational sector, a University professor’s role is a great choice. It combines two pivotal roles i.e one of a researcher who can publish findings in journals along with the role of a teacher to undergraduate and graduate students. According to a study, Canada offers the highest pay out of 28 countries, where professors can enjoy up to $104,000 salary annually and veer towards $138,673 on the higher end.

Administrative Assistant:

Perhaps one of the most highly sought after roles in Canada in 2017, the role of an administrative assistant is not just plain secretarial work but has evolved into a diverse role. It includes management of daily tasks & process workflows, skills in accounting and technology to manage large data, prepare comprehensive reports and manage client service platforms.

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