Yamaha R1 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

Few bikes compare to the awesome power and sophisticated look of the Yamaha R1. This high-end sports bike comes with some killer parts and accessories to begin with, but here are some of the best Yamaha R1 aftermarket parts and accessories to ramp up your power, performance and style.

Fender Eliminator Kit

A go-to aftermarket part to improve the style and performance of your R1 is a fender eliminator kit. Check out the premium kit from DMP to bring out the best in your superbike. This body alteration alone can tip the balance when racing other sports bikes. A lot of riders also feel the Yamaha R1 fender is a little too bulky for its own good, so this kit can also be a great aesthetic choice.

With the right fender eliminator kit, your bike will enjoy a streamlined, aerodynamic look. It’s an excellent balance of improved performance, fuel economy and awesome look. These kits are matched specifically for your ride, so choose one that complements the elegant lines of your Yamaha R1 and is easy to install after you’ve removed your OEM rear fender.

GoPro Mount

Don’t let your unbelievable stunts and breath-taking views go down as tall tales. Whether you’re cruising through traffic or exploring distant highways on a road trip far from home, bring your GoPro camera with you. A mirror mount for your GoPro by Cycle Mount gives you easy access to installing and removing your camera. It keeps it out of the way while still giving your audience a front-row seat for your thrilling adventures.

Frame Sliders

Sometimes in all the excitement of high-speed racing or long-haul road trips safety tends to be put on the back burner. When you’re cruising over 70 miles per hour and enjoying the wind in your air, the last thing you want to worry about is a crash. Unfortunately, minor bumps and major wipeouts happen, so pick up some aftermarket parts that protect you and your R1.

The best aftermarket motorcycle parts for safety are frame sliders. Shogun frame sliders are made of durable polymer and keep your investment protected from a slide, skid or wipeout. Whether you’re blindsided by another driver or take a tumble in some loose gravel, these sliders keep your bike protected when the going gets tough.

Improved Windscreen

Finally, an aftermarket windscreen keeps you protected from high-speed winds and flying debris. Check out the Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen to protect your face from flying bugs and bitter wind. It’s particularly helpful if you like to wear a half helmet while cruising at top speed. Choose a windscreen that matches your Yamaha R1 for a sleek look and an impressive aftermarket style.

These are just a few of the excellent aftermarket options you can find online for your Yamaha R1. From cool, new accessories to the latest OEM parts for Honda CBR600 and Yamaha R1, shop online and discover the best prices on your favorite parts. Prepare for your next race, road trip or spin around the block with these premium parts and head-turning upgrades.

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