Work-Life Tips for Female Entrepreneurs


Balancing work and life is especially complicated for female entrepreneurs. It wouldn’t be exaggerated to admit that we’re still living in a society where some other rules apply to men, meaning if they’re the main breadwinners, that’s about their only role in family life. On the other hand, women still need to do other, usually domestic chores and be good and dedicated mothers. Relevant statistics show that women are better at juggling careers and family life than man, but despite the fact the results of a recent study show 79% of Americans agree that women should go back to their traditional role in society, only 16% accept the idea of a mother who works full time as ideal for young children. This discrepancy undoubtedly proves a deep-rooted belief that women are primarily seen as mothers and that their complete professional emancipation is only a nominal notion. Here are a few tips for achieving work-life balance and defying social expectations.

Kill the 9-to-5

Thankfully, the 9-to-5 workday is the thing of the past, which means that you can organize a flexible schedule for yourself and manage to squeeze in your kids’ soccer games or even carpooling. Besides, one of the perks of being your own boss includes the luxury of working from home and being able to organize your life in a manner that best suits you. Prioritize your tasks on a daily basis, and sometimes your work will dominate your day while at certain moments you’ll be able to dedicate more time to your kids or home-related tasks.

Ask for help

It’s perfectly OK to feel overwhelmed and to ask for help from your partner, family, and friends. Social expectations and that annoying told-ya-so moment can discourage women entrepreneurs to ask others, especially their partners, to step in and help them carry the load. The fact that you can’t do everything by yourself isn’t admitting defeat, which is why you need to find the way to make things work in the long run. Hiring a part-time home assistant is another good idea that will save you from repetitive, time-consuming chores, such as doing the dishes or laundry, and let you focus on growing your business.

Banks aren’t the only financing option

We don’t have to do more than scratching the surface of the latest Harvey Weinstein scandal to realize that women have a tremendously hard time to make it in any profession and that they’re treated in a different way than men. Even the fact that women make 40% of new entrepreneurs in the US doesn’t mean that they have equal access to funding as their male competitors. On top of it all, banks are usually reluctant to give loans to new startups and SMBs without a trustworthy track record. Community banks are focused on the needs of local people and businesses, which is why they might be more willing to help you out. Apart from that, there are different Women’s Business Centers whose primary role to encourage women entrepreneurs, so that you can get useful advice as well as access to capital there.

A good divorce is better than a bad marriage

Moving on when things aren’t working is sound advice, especially when it comes to parting ways with your husband. The well-being of your kids is the first thing that you should be concerned with, and that’s why you need to do what’s best for them. A divorce is stressful for all involved parties, but that shouldn’t be the only reason for your settling for an unsatisfactory and toxic relationship. Things can get especially ugly when it comes to financial matters, so make sure to protect your business, as well as your personal savings. Buying out your partner’s share of your mutual home is lifesaving legal advice in such situations, and it can spare you from many unpleasant things, including dealing with advertising your house for sale and numerous fees and taxes.

Always plan ahead

Many women entrepreneurs have developed time-organizational skills that make their life easier, and you should take a page from their book and plan your day in advance. Morning can be the most chaotic part of the day, as you need to help your kids get ready for school, make them some breakfast, and then focus on your own daily schedule. Carve out some time in the evening to prepare everything for the following morning is the best way to stay on top of things. If you wake up a little earlier than the rest of your family, you can even manage to have your daily workout and shower before the morning rush hour.

Take care of yourself

You won’t be able to take a good care of your kids and run your business successfully if you’re neglecting yourself. No matter how busy you are, it’s essential to pamper yourself at least twice a week and do things that can relax you. Otherwise, your stressful routine will take its toll on your health and your business. Prevent this domino effect by going to a spa, movies, or a simple night out with your friends. Sometimes even curling up on the sofa with a good book and a glass of wine, while the kids are with their grandparents will do the trick.

Work-life balance isn’t a myth, and the help of your family and self-confidence only the sky’s the limit.

My name is Alex Williams. I am a journalism graduate and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to a wider audience, getting the chance to showcase my expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at Bizzmark Blog.

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