Why do you need a Financial Advisor in your life?

Throughout the years, our professional and personal goals are changing according to the life situations that we are going through at that moment.

The financial advisor is a professional who is prepared not only in the area of ​​economics and finance but also knows how to establish a trusting relationship with their clients, since it identifies their needs and guides them honestly so that they acquire one of their products or services.

However, there is a common one in all cases: the need to save in order to have enough money to achieve the goals. In this context, we become aware of how complicated it is to save and we come up with questions as easy to formulate as “what is the best way to save? “, But for which we do not know the answer. For this reason, in order to manage our savings and make it grow, a good personalized financial advice is needed to help us decide which investment strategy is the most appropriate and which financial products adapt to our investor profile. And for that you need to know how to pick the right financial advisor.

The figure of the financial advisor has nothing to do with what many have conceived. It is a professional who does not sell products, but advises and responds to the needs of savers. In addition, your help is key to making the right decisions without getting carried away by emotions, a double-edged sword when it comes to money matters. These reactions prevent us from thinking clearly and can cause us to make harmful decisions, something that will not happen if you have a financial coach with experience and training at your side.

The Financial Advisor:

The financial sector is going through a transformation situation with bank mergers or restructuring processes, among others. Digitization is causing most of these changes with the progressive automation of many jobs. Thus, both the bank employee and the commercial manager begin to be unnecessary figures that tend to disappear.

Therefore, the professionals who will have the best luck in the future will be those who know how to evolve into a financial advisor, a professional with a vocation for entrepreneurship and customer service.

There are entities that already apply this business model of personalized advice. Some, however, have always done so as is the case of Banco Mediolanum, which has been advising for more than 36 years and has the second largest network of financial professionals. In addition, they is the first to have financial advisors as the only channel of advice to clients.  From this entity they are defined as “the bank of the families that bases their strategy on the figure of the financial adviser”, for that reason they have renamed these professionals with the name of Family Bankers.

The analysis of the financial situation and proper planning must be the day to day of every employer. A constant analysis by professionals is essential to make better strategic decisions and carry out a successful business management. An expert financial adviser like Dwayne Rettinger is a professional who looks for solutions for his clients related to the financial products. Dwayne Rettinger Investors Group is a Certified Financial Planner having experience of more than ten years of helping his clients make sound and fair financial decisions.

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