Why Developers feel Developing iOS Apps is easier than Android Apps?

Deciding whether building an app for Android or iOS is one of the most common issues for the people these days. However, with the help of some factors, the decision can be a bit easier for the users.

There are 5 different factors that govern the design of applications. The audience, the project timeline, app features, maintenance budget, and the revenue goals are some important factors.

While developing apps, this is the first decision that the iOS app developers have to make.

Whatever might be the goal, there are some expenses and risks which come forth with developing apps for both platforms.

So, there are many developers that choose a particular platform for building the application. The app can be then launched on the other platforms later on.

The decision-making process can be a bit difficult, but with careful considerations of the factors, one can make the choice easy.

Audience Decides The Platform

The users of Android and the iOS devices have certain differences that one needs to factor in for sure. For example, the global market share for Android devices is a bit higher. However, the App Store is mostly dominated by iOS devices when it comes to customer spending.

One needs to consider the demographic and geographic factors of the target audience. In case the users want to create an app for a larger target audience, choosing the Android platform would be a good idea.

Some User Demographics For Android And iOS Apps

  • Android dominates the global markets more which include Africa, Latin America, and Asia.
  • More people prefer android apps than iOS.
  • iOS device users are more affluent. They earn about 40% more than Android users.
  • Women mostly use iOS devices than Android ones.
  • Apple users have more education qualifications.
  • iOS users get more professional jobs.
  • Enterprise markets give more importance to iOS applications.

iOS Applications Are Less Expensive Than Android

This might come off as a surprise for most people but developing iOS apps is a lot cheaper. Also, it is easier and faster to develop these apps when in comparison to the android applications.

The iOS application development times are 30 to 40% lesser than android apps.

There is a reason why iOS apps are easier to develop. The main reason would have to be the coding that is mostly in use in iOS applications.

The android applications use Java for code writing. However, iOS apps use Swift for the writing of the code. Java includes more and more coding options which make the process a bit more complicated.

Hence, the iOS app development company prefers developing iOS apps more than android.

Apart from that, the Android platform is basically an open source one. So, standardization is a bit less in Android apps. This means there will be more components and more devices along with different software fragmentations as well.

In place of that, the closed ecosystem of iOS apps means fewer standardizations and lesser operating systems. However, the rules for iPhone app development are a bit stricter for the users.

There is a large process of expectations of quality as well. So, the approval of iOS apps might take a bit more time. Some applications even face rejection if they are not up to the standards of the Apple platform.

Flexibility Is More In Android When It Comes To The Features

When it comes to business features, the Android platforms are a bit more beneficial. Since the Android platform is an open source one, there is more flexibility.

So, the developers will easily be able to develop more and more features according to the needs and requirements of the people. However, the open source nature means that Android platforms would be more prone to viruses and malware.

Apple platforms are a bit more secure and safe for users. The closed and sealed nature of the apps is the reasons why developers prefer iOS apps more than android ones.

Maintenance Of Apps Is Easier

When developers make an app for Android, they need to spend more and more time for the compatibility increase of the app. They need to put more effort into ensuring that the app is free from bugs too.

So, the development and maintenance processes are a lot slower than iOS. About more than 50% of the users of Android have OS which is older than the iOS ones.

The iOS users on the other hand always update the OS. This is one of the reasons why using iOS apps would be a bit easier for people.


When it comes to development, we can say that iOS and Android platforms provide many benefits to users. However, the use of iOS apps is a bit more functional and easier for users. Hence, this is the reason why developers consider it a bit easier to develop apps for iOS platforms than Android platforms.

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