The Pandemic Has Definitely Affected Real Estate : Here’s What You Should Know While Buying Or Selling Your Property

The Coronavirus outbreak has recently struck the entire world and its numerous entities. There is no such domain at present that has not been affected by the pandemic. From MNCs to startups, every economic sector has been struck by it.

Naturally, this includes real estate as well. Therefore, buying and selling of property has not been the same anymore. With social distancing and other guidelines, there have been numerous changes in distinct areas of real estate.

Hence, if you are deciding to buy or sell your property amidst the coronavirus pandemic, you need to follow this article, which talks about how you can do so.

New Real Estate Norms During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Although the demand for property at present is not as high as the ‘normal’ days, it didn’t completely stop either. Find out some of the real estate changes followed by top SF real estate agents that have become the new normal amid the crisis.

Digital Tour 

One of the most significant changes that you are certainly going to observe in almost everything you do today is virtuality. To execute every task as per safety and preventive measures, maintaining adequate distance has become extremely important. Thus, you are past the normality, where home tours were conducted regularly.

The agents are currently opting for video calling through FaceTime or Zoom, with recorded videos and 3D walkthroughs to give a precise idea of property to the buyer. However, some of them are opting for in-person tours for luxury homes SF, but they are still comparatively rare.

They also make sure to follow all the preventive measures and maintain social distance from each other. The buyers are not even allowed to touch the doors and other stuff of the house. These are already open to them before entering the home to ensure zero contact between both parties.

To be particular, everything now is executed by maintaining and following proper norms so that the entire work could be completed with adequate safety and security.

No Appraisal 

If you are one of those who have been financing the total cost of the homes, you need to get it appraised before the loan. However, the crisis has affected those parameters as well. Sellers are now not preferring the appraisers, which has resulted in a ‘no appraisal’ scenario.

These appraisers have now chosen other modes like drive-through or exterior evaluation as an alternative to standard practice. It is considered one of the many relevant changes that have been implemented within real estate.

Employment Verification 

Apart from that, sellers are trying their best to check the employment status of the buyer. The reason behind it is the ultimate rise in unemployment all over the world. There is a mandatory one time check for employment status, and many are trying to do it multiple times.

The seller may ask for email confirmation, direct deposit statement, or current salary details. Thus, if you recently left your job, this is an essential parameter for you to know. Besides, if you are employed, and the job is secure, they might ask you for the paperwork.

The most recent announcement of a 120-day window on FHA, USDA, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac-backed VA appraisals has been made. This has resulted in a scenario where people with these conditions can get a home appraisal for four months out from the date of closing.

Higher Credit Score 

If you are a person who will undoubtedly finance the entire house, then you need to know the changes that are being followed presently. In other terms, taking loans has become pretty sophisticated now. Furthermore, you’d surely need a higher credit score to do the same, which was not the case earlier.

Numerous big names have decided to be a part of the same scheme. Thus, getting a loan for your home will now require you to get a decent credit score. For example,, the top-rated online mortgage lender, now demands a credit score of 680 for its clients.

That’s because nobody is willing to take the risk during this time of crisis. In addition to that, there have been some significant changes in the rules of lending money. Currently, everything depends on the loan type one is opting for.

To sum it up, it’s essential for you to know that the entire procedure will have distinct regulations and requirements as per the lenders themselves. Thus, in such case scenarios, it is always better to keep your credit score high as this is one of the major requirements of all the lenders at present, to give a loan.

Digital Closing 

Like every other aspect of the entire program, the closing date would go digital too. However, this is related to the location of the house that you are purchasing. Every single step might happen digitally through online modes.

From signing documents to money transactions, it would all be executed digitally. While many are not familiar with the virtual world and the norms associated with it, adaptability is slowly spreading. Apart from that, with worsening conditions, it is surely essential for the mortgage transaction to happen safely without any signs of contracting the disease.

Thus, e-closing is undoubtedly helpful for the same. As an alternative, people are also opting for drive-through closings. This involves using the parking lot to meet and sign the contract inside the car while maintaining the social distance and discouraging any physical interaction.


From the above context, we can say that the pandemic has affected everything at present. Everything that was quite normal while buying or selling a property back then became hard to execute.

However, there are numerous alternatives that one can opt for while executing real estate or dealing with property. This involves going digital or following preventive measures while meeting anyone in particular.

Moreover, the agents have become more alert in what they do.

Thus, they try their best to check for the employment status with the deal. However, there are alternatives to everything. We can say that pandemic has changed a lot in particular, but there is always an alternative to get past it.

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