What You Need To Know Traveling To London For The First Time

London has been ravishing people for ages. The capital city of England with the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye has become a popular tourist destination among people from all over the world. The home of Queen Elizabeth II attracts millions of tourists every year, and this phenomenon seems to have no end in sight.

But before going there, it’s not enough to know the names of the Royal Family members and the most famous monuments that you want to visit. London has a different culture with some things, which may significantly differ from those known and used in your country. For example, crossing the road you should look right due to the left-hand traffic, or you’ll need a travel adapter to your charger as the UK uses different types of plugs than most of the European countries and the US. Arriving in London, you should also have only pounds sterling in your pocket since you won’t pay in any other currency in this city and the whole of Great Britain. Finally, be prepared for perpetual rain, so always have an umbrella or a raincoat close at hand.

Stay in central London

Knowing all these things, now you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your first travel to London. Many people wonder where they should stay in London. First of all, however, they should realise that the city has many airports located in quite a long distance to the centre. What then? Being stuck in Heathrow airport or any other airport is no longer a problem. You can always hire a car to quickly get to the heart of the city, where you’ve already booked your accommodation. It’s advisable to stay in central London rather than the outside of the city centre. Even though you may pay more for a hotel in there, you’ll save your time and money on commuting by public transportation. Overall, you’ll need fewer days to explore London, staying in its heart than wasting a few hours per day for getting from one location to another.

Devote enough time to sightseeing

Next, you must devote so much time to your trip to make the most of your stay in London. First-time visitors are recommended to spend at least 3-4 days in the capital. However, it’s good to avoid bank holidays and school breaks during which London is usually overcrowded and much more expensive than usual. And note that you aren’t able to see everything during your first visit. There are too many attractions, so choose only the most popular landmarks that you have always dreamt of seeing with your own eyes.

Book attractions in advance

Once you’ve chosen all the attractions and activities, remember to book them in advance. Why? It’ll allow you to have a better choice, better prices and finally save your time which you would have to spend in long queues before entering, for example, Madame Tussaud’s or the London Eye. There is also available something like The London Pass, which includes free entrance to 60 top attractions in London, like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey or London Bridge. Still, not all famous hooks are included there, for instance, the London Eye. But if you are going to visit around three attractions per day, then the London Pass is worth buying.

Besides, there are also many fast-track and skip the line tickets which allow you to avoid the longest queues that may last even up to 3 hours. And you probably haven’t come to London to queue, but to see as much as possible.

Visit free attractions

There’s no doubt that London is an expensive city and you’ll spend quite a lot in there. But how to visit many places and still not to be broke? It appears not to be so hard since, in London, many attractions are free of charge. These are, for example, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum or the National Gallery. Except for these cultural kinds of entertainment, you can go for a walk to many parks and gardens, like Hyde or Green Park, and go shopping to the department store- Harrods or many luxurious shops on Oxford Street. Finally, you can’t miss seeing the changing of the guard in front of the Buckingham Palace.

Use Oyster card for public transport

But even staying in a hotel in central London, you must somehow get to all these attractions. To use public transport in London cheaply, you can buy the so-called Oyster card for all means of transport, either the underground or red double-decker buses.

As has been demonstrated London is an amazing city which is awaiting you. And after reading this article, what you should do is just pack your luggage and book a flight to London. By visiting the british airways official site and get an instant booking. You can save up to 40% off on each booking. Book now and spend quality time in London with your family or friends.

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