What Will You Learn and Earn as a CAPF?

The defence based jobs are a very important part of the nation building process .UPSC CAPF is one of the many exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit candidates as assistant commandant officers under the central armed police forces.

However, it’s comparatively less popular than the others.

Despite the respect and benefits the job offers, this route to serve the country is not the first choice for many. Surprisingly even after garnering lesser interest than its peers, the exam shows no shortage of aspirants coming down every year.


The unpredictability of UPSC.

Even after making all the required efforts, you might not fulfill your dream to be an IPS. It’s hard to secure the feat amidst such cut-throat competition. So, the next best thing is to become an assistant commandant officer. If not an IPS, you can still be an IG or ADG. Moreover, you can always try your hands at CSE after securing a safe spot under CAPF.

But is it all that UPSC CAPF stands for? Indeed, a big NO.


Being an integral part of the armed forces, CAPF shares a standard set of principles and values with its counterparts. A candidate can look forward to imbibing all such ethos along his/her journey – may it be the courage to fight for the country or sacrifice to put the nation before yourself.


This job fails an MBA from any prestigious school. The kind of leadership skills you develop as an AC, training hundreds of twenty-something jawans, can not be matched. It is a huge responsibility and a means to imbibe profound confidence in your personality. You will be looked up to by many, something that sometimes an excellent civil job fails to deliver.


It is the biggest takeaway from this job. Armed forces are synonymous with discipline, and CAPF might be the best-suited one. The duty and service instill a new level of discipline in your personality, which fuels your motivation to do better.


May it be combating a disaster or facing terrorists, as an assistant commandant officer, you’ll always put the safety of others above your life. The will to serve your country and contribute towards its security is a matter of great pride.

So, the job brings the definite scope of learning and experiencing a whole new world. But is it on par with what an assistant commandant would earn?


An AC is entitled to a salary of around Rs. 56,100 every month. The amount is almost on par with salaries received by other civil servants. And as one gets promoted, the compensation also increases, depending upon experience and available opportunities. Along with this, the CAPF assistant commandant enjoys a long list of perks such as:-

  • Dearness Allowance
  • Cash for Ration
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Unique Duty Allowance
  • Clinical Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Difficulty Allowance


The post of an AC brings not only monetary benefits but also immense respect and admiration. The stars on the camouflage pattern decorate both your uniform and your personality. When anyone thinks of courage, bravery, and selflessness, CAPF is a name that tops the list.

However, the slow rate of promotion and posts like IPS having the edge over CAPF in terms of status and power makes this a less preferred career option. But, unlike the police forces, CAPF is free from any political interference from the states and enjoys a better set of facilities.

To conclude, CAPF gives you the benefits of a civil servant job and the values of army life. It’s the best of both worlds.

So, if you have made up your mind for writing this exam, the first step is to check if you qualify for it. There are various factors to keep in mind before you mindlessly start flipping through the UPSC CAPF syllabus or join a coaching center next to your place. The job must be a good fit for your goals, but more importantly, you need to ask yourself a question.

Do you fit the job well?

If that’s a yes, you are good to go. But if it’s a no, think again and make a sound decision.

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