What things to Consider Before Choosing a Coworking Space in South Delhi

Coworking space is the newest trend in the traditional office scenario. It is suitable for startups, freelancers, small-time businessmen, and anyone who can’t invest in a separate office space or are looking for ways to make they’re work-life more involved and relaxed. Delhi has its fair share of coworking spaces scattered all over the city. However, when it comes to selecting an area for yourself, there are a lot of factors that should be considered. Before coming to a decision, you should see if the space you are selecting tends to you and your business needs and lets you work your way towards your goal in a peaceful and motivating ambiance.


One of the most critical factors that makes budding entrepreneurs’ resort to coworking space instead of a separate office is the lack of capital. Therefore, it makes sense to look for areas that fall under your budget and don’t end up denting your financial situation. If you are a freelancer looking for a space for yourself, look for the places that your budget allows you to rent. Startup entrepreneurs looking for ways to fund their business should also be looking for coworking spaces that fit their budget. When choosing the rental plans, go with the plastic ones so you can make changes to your policy as your business grows.

Time Management

Coworking spaces give you the option to be flexible with time. While choosing your office space in South Delhi for rent, make sure the ones you are considering offer flexible hours so you can manage your time more efficiently. You would come across a range of projects during your entrepreneurial journey, some of which would require daily work, some weekly, and some monthly. Therefore, having an office with flexible working hours will serve at your advantage.


As an up and coming entrepreneur, you have to make sure you are starting your business in a good area. Moreover, make sure the space you are renting can accommodate at least 15-20 people at once. Ensure that the space you are selecting lies in an easily accessible place. Your office also has to be near the public transportation points and preferably in a prime business location. The location of your office has a significant effect on your business and its potential to grow.


Coworking space essentially means that you would be sharing office space with other people, businesses, or organizations. Before you select a space in South Delhi, take a look at the companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs currently working there. If you are a freelancer, research about the already existing clients in the coworking space of your choice. This will help you establish networking with like-minded people and will open up a lot of opportunities for you in the future.

Plug and Play

Before choosing your coworking space in South Delhi, ensure that they offer all the amenities, features, and technology to help you go through your work smoothly. If an office is equipped with all the modern technologies, it proves beneficial for the seamless growth of your business. Amenities like 24 hours internet connection, conference rooms, all-day security, parking space, and suave interiors are some of the essentials of a coworking space.

First Feel

Take a look at the office space before going on with the renting decision. Visit the space yourself and have a first feel. If you feel like the office would be good for your requirements, and you can picture yourself coming in and out of place daily, then only go with your decision. Sometimes when you are looking for an office, you would be impressed by their online exhibitions, but when you actually visit the office in person, you get disappointed. That is why it is very important to go to the place yourself and have the first feel. After all, the first impression is the last impression.


As already mentioned in the locality section, make sure the place you are renting is easily accessible and has commuter points around it. You are going to have to commute to the workspace daily, so make sure you are selecting the place that is not too far away from your accommodation. Also, see if you can find an office space at a place near major transportation areas such as bus stands or metro stations.

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