What Is Whiplash Injury And 7 Ways To Legally Protect Yourself

Getting into a severe car accident is stressful and scary in and of itself and the injuries that you can sustain from such an accident can be traumatic and life changing. One of the most common yet treatable injuries that can impact someone after a car accident is whiplash. This occurs when the body is significantly impacted through an abrupt and sudden jolt back and forth causing injury and strain to the neck, shoulders, back and even torso. The force that occurs when vehicles collide with each other and the seatbelt restrains our bodies but not our head and neck and the impact is what results in whiplash injury. When an accident occurs as a result of the negligence of another party and you’re experiencing the symptoms of whiplash it may be time to engage with Perth Whiplash Injury Lawyers.

Some of the most common symptom of whiplash injury are as follows: neck pain and/or stiffness, considerable pain with neck movement, unable to move the neck freely, headaches or migraines, upper back, shoulder, or arm pain, tingling or numbness in arms, fatigue, and dizziness.

This article will delve deep into where seeking legal advice in this area is appropriate and applicable and when it is important to obtain the support you need and deserve.

Here Are 7 Ways To Legally Protect Yourself When It Comes To Whiplash Injury:


  • Contact The Police


As soon as the accident occurs and when it is safe to do so, it is of the utmost importance to contact the police. Not only will they take care of necessary procedures if the law has been broken, i.e. drunk or drug driving, reckless driving or running a red light, they will also contact paramedics if needed to assess injuries. Once police have completed their initial assessment of the situation, it is imperative to your future claim to ensure you obtain a detailed police report on the events that occurred and proving who was at fault.


  • Gather Evidence


Along with obtaining a detailed police report, when on scene of a car accident it is vital to also gather as much evidence as possible to help with your future claim. Obtain witness statements when available and photographs of the vehicle damage, photographs of any visible injuries as well as dashcam footage if you have it. 


  • Receive A Complete Medical Examination


It is also important to receive a complete medical examination from a qualified medical practitioner. This will link in with gathering evidence to protect yourself when you decide to go forward with a whiplash injury claim. Documenting any injuries including whiplash will be able to be shown in court and necessary to determine compensation. 


  • Engage The Insurance Companies


This is one of the obvious steps when you have experienced any type of car accident. Regardless of who is at fault or caused the accident you are obligated to engage with the appropriate insurance companies. They will also be able to assist in your initial medical expenses and car damage repair. 


  • Beware Of Scams 


Ensuring you are well educated and informed when it comes to any possible fraudulent practice either in the medical practice or insurance companies is essential to ensuring you are not scammed by inflated costs.


  • Obtain Legal Advice


If you are experiencing prolonged injuries and concerns caused by whiplash it is important to gauge the legal advice of a professional personal injury lawyer. They will arm you with the necessary information required to take the next steps. 


  • File A Whiplash Injury Claim 


Finally, if you are seeking to proceed with making a whiplash injury claim, it is essential that you engage with a professional personal injury lawyer. They possess the required experience and knowledge in this field to effective negotiate an appropriate settlement and compensation that you are entitled to. 

Some impacts caused by whiplash can be long lasting and even debilitating. In saying that, this can result in time off of work, prolonged trauma, loss of income and out of pocket medical expenses. If you are looking to process a whiplash injury claim against the party at fault, following the above guide will assist in protecting yourself and strengthen your case.

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