What Does A Salesforce Business Analyst Do

Has this question; what does a Salesforce business analyst do crossed your mind? Imagine that you are sick and you go to see a doctor. You the sick person is a business and the doctor is the business analyst. The doctor has to diagnose you to find out what is wrong with you and the best treatment to help you feel and get better.

First, your doctor performs a series of checks and tests to figure out what’s making you sick. Your doctor will check your heart rate, your blood pressure, your ears, eyes, the back of your throat, do some blood and urine tests. Ask you a number of questions to determine when the symptoms started.

Like a doctor, a Salesforce business analyst will look at a business and model the process a doctor goes through to understand a client’s business. They will look at what the business is doing, the challenges it’s facing, why the business isn’t growing, why they are losing to competitors, what the business is trying to accomplish, CRM, etc.

Businesses are looking to grow and get healthier. A Salesforce business analyst will benchmark the business process, model the decision process and also model the organizational charts.

A business analyst will assess the situation of the business itself and at the end of the day like a doctor would prescribe medicine, just like a business analyst might prescribe a series of requirements that a business needs to have in order to fix the business’s problems or issues.

They handle businesses as a doctor does.

In summary, Salesforce business analysts are creative, problem solvers and that’s because they help companies reach their goals by, first understanding what the problems are or the challenges they are facing, second they gather requirements by talking to the businesses about what their current processes are and lastly they come up with the best course of action, or recommendations based on business constraints and the best course to address the problems that they identified.

There are three key roles of a Salesforce business analyst:

  • Gathering information
  • Understanding the business requirements and this process takes the longest time because you have to really understand and ask questions so that the business can elaborate on what their business processes are.
  • The third key role of a business analyst includes brainstorming a list of solutions that they can propose to the business because they now have a better understanding of what the problems are and they’ve gone through the process of understanding the business process as well as what the constraints are.

Business analysts tend to be more creative and they try to think outside the box and come up with a list of different proposed solutions for the business to take a look.

The key role of BA is to really help and guide the business to make the right decisions and you have to remember that a business has to take ownership of their processes whether or not that they are going to make the changes that have been proposed.

Because at the end of the day, the Salesforce business analysts can make the best recommendations but, if it’s not feasible to the business then it’s unlikely going to have any impact on the business so a business analyst has to think about whether or not it’s going to actually bring about the changes and solve the problems.

To read more about what Salesforce business analysts do follow this link.

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