What Does It Take To Start A Podcast Using WordPress


WordPress is known as one of the best content management systems in the digital world. It is loaded with so many irresistible features and functionality to build a user-friendly website. Custom WordPress Development Company can add useful plugins and extensions to gain more traffic easily.

Let’s look at some of the important features of WordPress:

Easy Theme Customization

WordPress Website Development Company can quickly customize the theme that saves the time of the developer and the business owner. The developer has access to various customizations in the selected theme that helps in handling the logo, menu structure, color scheme, and many more.

Tags and Category Converter

WordPress helps in organizing the website content easily and makes it more manageable. You can convert the tags into categories or vice versa that makes the blog posts structured and accessible.

SEO friendly

Online websites have certain goals to obtain higher ranks in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) by using the correct strategies of SEO. WordPress has features that can generate SEO friendly URLs for a website automatically.  It has various plugins to increase digital visibility and help in managing the content more precisely.

Easy to Use

Even people with basic knowledge can build a simple website with WordPress. You will need a developer in the complex customization and building marketing strategies for the growth of your website.

User Experience

WordPress offers a variety of options for customization, themes, features, and functionality. Some of the ideal solutions are available at low-cost that let businesses grow in the digital world.

What is a WordPress podcast website?

A podcast is a series consisting of episodic audio files created by people that can be downloaded and heard by the audience. It is similar to a talk show but with WordPress podcasts, people can hear them on demand. Some of the reasons people start a podcast are:

  • Sharing knowledge about a particular subject
  • Build a channel for inbound marketing
  • To increase awareness about the personal brand
  • Entertainment or interactive session for audience

Podcasts are popular and get the attention of people very easily. The only requirement is your WordPress podcast must be unique and engaging for the audience. You need to find the answers to the following question before jumping into the podcast section:

  • What will be your target audience?
  • What will make the podcast unique in the crowd?
  • Will you add guests to the podcast?
  • Have you decided on the topics for a podcast?

Start discussing them and narrow down the important points for a podcast.

How to start a WordPress Podcast Website? 

Get started with WordPress

Domain Name

Image Source:cdn.searchenginejournal.com

Specify a unique name that will be used by the audiences to find your platform. Select a name that defines your brand or business idea. Keep it simple and short with important keywords.

Hosting Plan 

Image Source:nykdaily.com

Use some robust managed hosting plan for the website that has useful tools. WordPress offers support and services to get easy access from the dashboard.

WordPress Theme

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WordPress offers both free and premium themes in the theme directory. Search for a convenient theme that matches your requirements and brand.

Add your Podcast episode

WordPress developers can easily add the media file on the page or post on the website. The complex part is tracking the success of the podcast and providing the correct formats for different devices. With the correct plugin you can manage various actions easily:

  • Support podcasts in audio and video format
  • Analysis of the podcast
  • Make it responsive on all devices
  • Manage the metadata and files

Create Podcast archive

Make your WordPress Podcast website an easy platform for the audience where they can sort or search their episodes and listen from the archives. You can also create a library of the podcasts that makes it sortable and searchable. The listener can easily sort the episodes based on tags, title, or date. Ensure that the library can be sorted, searchable, and filtered.

Analyze the podcast

Always monitor the number of listeners or viewers you have on each podcast that has been uploaded on the website. WordPress offers various analytic tools to track the growth of the website and display it to the admin.

Important features for WordPress Podcast Website 

  • Your podcast needs to connect with the audience and get reviews. You much select a podcast player for the website as each viewer should be able to understand and relate to it.
  • Asses the insights like viewers, downloaded count, geographic data, and all such data related to the podcasts.
  • Integrate social sharing buttons to reach more people and grow the website globally. This is the most evident and important part to increase the traffic on websites as people today prefer social media.
  • Improvement in the search options on the website provides a better experience for the audience.
  • Keep strong security for the website because you don’t want to lose a potential audience due to some security breaches. WordPress has various plugins to manage the platform’s security and make it a safe zone or the viewers.
  • Use WordPress tools for SEO and increase the digital visibility of the website.
  • Have high speed for page loads as that is the only key to engage viewers on the website for a long time. If you don’t have a higher page loading speed that may result in a higher bounce rate.
  • Let the users reach you easily through Email, reviews, or feedback sections. This helps you to connect with some potential visitors.
  • You can make your website more engaging by adding features like real-time chat, comments, polls, surveys, forums, or reviews.

Well, we shared the basic knowledge about the WordPress podcast websites but there is still a long way to reach the business goals. Looking for a WordPress website development company? We can help you out from deciding the theme to building strategies for the growth of the website. Increase your returns and engage more traffic on the website with us. Don’t delay, market trends are changing every second and so should your platform.

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