What Are the Health Risks of Using a Second-Hand Crib Mattress for Your Newborn?

Having a baby could be an expensive proposition. After purchasing a crib, a stroller, feeding supplies, diapers, clothing, and other essentials, your pocket could quickly swiftly empty out. It is, therefore, quite natural for young parents to look for effective ways of saving money while buying things for their newborn. The easiest way of saving some bucks is by purchasing used items. Even though certain used items for your baby sounds good, you need to take into account certain serious health hazards to your baby while investing in a used mattress.

Choosing your baby’s crib mattress could seem to be quite a boring task but it demands careful consideration. Experts recommend buying the top quality crib mattress for your baby if your budget permits it. The reason for buying the best is that your baby would be spending most of her time in her crib. Infants are known to be sleeping for almost 18 hours per day. So it is imperative to use a premium quality mattress that fits perfectly in her crib and is firm enough not to pose any threat to your little one. So avoid a much-used second-hand mattress. Moreover, the life of your mattress is of great consideration. It is better to avoid an old crib mattress that has been in use for years already by another baby. Here are the reasons why.

Sanitary Concerns

As per https://www.consumerreports.org, “Buy a new crib mattress, if possible. ‘For one thing, it ensures that the mattress is sanitary. If you buy a used mattress or accept a hand-me-down, you won’t know for sure how it was cared for or stored. Mold can grow in improperly stored crib mattresses, and bacteria can fester on the surface from liquids (diaper leakage, spit-up) that weren’t properly cleaned up.”

While purchasing a used crib mattress, you simply cannot be totally sure of the degree of abuse or care the mattress went through during its previous use. An infant could be incredibly dirty because of spilled milk or diaper leaks. All these could be getting accumulated on a crib mattress. This could culminate in moisture, as well as, mold growth, in case the mattress has not been cleaned with proper attention and care. However, if you are having a crib mattress at home that was previously used by your first child; you know how well you had taken care of that mattress. If it had been stored properly, you could still use it for your newborn.


Many studies in the recent past have tried to establish a probable link between an infant’s death as a result of SIDS and the use of a second-hand crib mattress.  A particular study concluded that a little one was almost three times more expected to die because of SIDS while using a pre-owned crib mattress. Even though the study was not able to identify a firm relationship between the two, it was able to furnish adequate evidence to be concerned and cautious while accepting a crib mattress that has been in use in somebody else’s home.

Conclusion: Buy Nice & Firm Brand New Crib Mattresses!

A crib mattress must necessarily be firm to offer perfect support to your baby. A firm mattress would certainly reduce the risk associated with SIDS. A second-hand crib mattress could lose its firmness and may develop certain bulges and dips because of improper storage or use. These may pose safety risks to your baby. It would trigger serious health issues if you use a mattress with exposed filling or spring, tears, smells of dampness or mildew etc. Buy a new crib mattress to ensure your child’s health and happiness!

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