wePOS: Powerful WooCommerce POS Solution for WordPress Community

WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) system is a smart store management solution to smoothly supervise your single or multiple WordPress eCommerce stores. A point of sale system updates the inventory report if any customer purchases a product through your online or a physical store.

Moreover, a splendid WooCommerce POS system should keep all the data and keep track of customers & their individual orders with ease. Thus, it also helps to process customer-facing transactions moderately. As a result, it’ll regularize your business along with business techniques that relate to your sales.

However, in today’s post, we’re going to share everything about the WooCommerce POS system and also talk about wePOS, one of the top-notch WooCommerce POS plugins.

Before going to the discussion, let’s know what are the benefits that you’ll get with WooCommerce POS system:

Benefits of Employing a WooCommerce POS system

  • Real-time Data synchronization
  • Adding bar-codes to the products with zero time
  • Managing POS outlets products, inventory, and sales
  • Constructive customer management system both for physical and online store

These are lots of notable benefits that you’ll get after utilizing a WooCommerce POS system to your online store.

Best POS System For Small-Medium Businesses

We have already mentioned what does POS system means and how it works. Now, in this section, we’re going to share about such an elegant POS system that is unique and simple to implement.

Yes, we’re talking about wePOS. wePOS is an advanced and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin to help you out.

wePOS lets you get easily customizable attributes, receive orders, and gather real-time inventory data and more.

Why Choose wePOS

Yes, wePOS is a quick encouraging WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin. On the off chance that you have a WooCommerce store, it needs just a few clicks to incorporate a keen arrangement with wePOS.

Furthermore, you can activate all the POS functions on your WooCommerce online shop in an organized way with wePOS. And, it’s a simple page application that can process all the orders and transaction super fast.

Let’s check the following reasons on why you should choose wePOS as the prominent POS system for your online store. And they are:

  • Specially designed for WooCommerce
  • Able to handle multiple orders at a time
  • Super responsive and compatible with all sized devices
  • Easily integrate with your online and offline retail store
  • Hassle-free management
  • More sales but less effort
  • Advanced UI design
  • 24/7customer support
  • And more

So these are some of the notable features of wePOS. In the next part, we’re going to know about the details about wePOS features.

Features of wePOS at a Glance

Here we are talking about the main features of wePOS that make it more amazing and elegant. However, after connecting wePOS with your online store you’ll need no third-party integration.

Rest API Based

One of the most unique features of wePOS is, it’s fully merged with ‘REST API’. wePOS will allow your user to utilize a one-way ticket to manage their checkout process with ease. Therefore, your customers will no longer wait to check out their products.

Engaging User Interface

Another fruitful feature of the wePOS plugin is the engaging and user-interactive interface. We all know that excellent UI drives more users into potential customers. And wePOS has that astonishing design that helps to navigate easily. Furthermore, you can manage your inventory and order in a suitable way.

Outlet & Counter Management

You can manage unlimited outlets and counters with the wePOS plugin. And also you can manage them individually. It also allows you to have different cashiers/agents for your shop.

Secure Login Panel for Cashiers

Your cashiers can log in to their shop page with their credentials and also they have access to view the frontend. Using wePOS plugin your cashiers can get splendid experience with its effective process.

Advanced Receipt Builder with White-label

The easy customizable process of style and single detail is also an amazing feature of wePOS. You can change and edit it as you want. And white-label feature lets you do this with ease.

Expedient Payment System

Most of the startup business owners often face payment gateway related issues for their online business. But the good news is, wePOS supports cash, cards, and all the other popular payment gateways. So this feature of wePOS will help to do this perfectly.

It’s not the ending, there are more features waiting for you. Have a look.

  1. Shortcut Support
  2. Multiple Live Cart Management
  3. Tax calculation
  4. Essential Feature, etc.

So, these are the core features that you’ll get with wePOS. Check more about wePOS plugin.

How to Configure wePOS to Your WordPress eCommerce Store

Configuration process of wePOS plugin to a WordPress site as like as other plugins. So you just need to follow the requirements to complete its installation process.


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • wePOS

Required Steps

  • Adding a New Product
  • Managing Cart
  • Checking Out Process

Read the complete wePOS Documentation to utilize it in a proper way.

Final Verdict

Using a POS system will not only save your time and money but also make your business management hassle-free. You along with your customers and cashiers can be stayed relax as it minimizes maximum errors.

However, if you eagerly want to streamline your business outlets with a pioneering and automatic POS system, wePOS can be the perfect choice for you.

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