5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Promote New Business

A new business venture is like a scary roller coaster ride. It can be very challenging; has a lot of ups and downs and takes up most of your energy. You can either be petrified, swear not try it ever again; or you have the option to embrace and face every challenge with utmost enthusiasm and overcome the fear.

There are never any shortcuts to success. The very common mistake any entrepreneur makes is to get disappointed when their ventures do not work out in some months after starting. No business empire was built in a day. It took thousands of failures to achieve a bit of success. It is that very first success that you need to capture and carry it forward, keeping in mind all the failures and not repeating those mistakes. Just like that every new business requires a lot of time; effort and money if you need it to shine and be successful.

Promoting your business is one of the most crucial steps in the business making. It uplifts your business and aware the common public of your existence. Your promotion is the first impression of your work. People can run towards to try it or they can be bored and not interested. Here is a guide for few budget- friendly ways for promoting your business:

Social media:

The best form of platform for publicizing your business is social media. It is the effective and cheapest platform from which an entrepreneur can reach large number of his audience. Almost all the new and old companies now promote themselves on social media and the competition has intensified. So you need to be effective and create different and new measures to attract the audience. You can plan for events and online competitions and organise giveaways on a regular basis. Ask your clients to give you feedback on the social media. This helps in building trust with new clients. Also, updating your website or page regularly with your new products, services or schemes regularly helps to retain the interest of the customers.

Print media:

Although social media is trending all over, print media is still the favourite traditional promotional tool for the entrepreneurs. This platform still holds a valuable meaning in the life of business development. There is still a category of age group who are not on social media like kids or old age people, and some people who are busy and do not have the time to spend time on the internet. Flyers reach to a large number of audience and aware them. There is also a scope of leakage and imitations when we give too much away on social media. Print mediums like brochures and catalogues give enough and appropriate information and attracts the audience. But the print media has to be very effective and precise in making its point. So this task should be handled by good and worthy companies like Salt lake Printing, who can design them in an efficient manner.

Effective public relations:

Maintaining old customers is the most natural way of creating new ones. Selling a product and making the customer happy is not that difficult. It is the after sale services that truly builds your relation with the customer. Taking regular feedback and actually working on resolving them is the best way to keep the customers happy as it makes them believe in you. Another way to maintain public relations is to get all the personal information of the client about their birthdays and anniversary dates. You can provide them special anniversary/birthday discounts. Client management is an art, which needs to be given importance as much as the production and marketing needs.

Free trials:

The demonstrations and free trials can require a little more budget that you want to spend, but it is an assured way of attraction for your business. By getting samples or free trials, the customers get an idea of the quality and other benefits of the product, and they eventually get more comfortable and sure of the product that they are going to buy.


Merging with other firms to create something bigger will be beneficial for both of you individually. Collaborating with an event and sponsoring them really helps in advertising you company. It reaches out to huge audiences and making them aware of your existence. You can also collaborate with some social groups, helping people with a cause and supporting them. It not only highlights your company, but will also give a deep satisfaction to you for working towards a good cause.

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