15 Awesome Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

If you’re planning on delivering a wedding reception that your guests will never forget, you’re going to need some killer wedding entertainment. Providing your friends and family with something that they can get immersed in transitions a plain old party into an interactive delight. Entertainers, wedding music, and games are all on the menu.

Read on to discover 2020s hottest wedding reception entertainment ideas.

Musical Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Everyone expects music at a band, but what they’re picturing are your standard DJs or a laptop with a pre-chosen playlist. To make a splash, introduce something unexpected.

  1. Steel Drum Band

It’s impossible to hear a live steel drum band and not want to dance. If your guests are the types who love to strut their stuff on the dance floor, this wedding party idea is perfect for a summer, destination, or alternatively themed wedding.

  1. String Quartet

A string quartet isn’t exactly the most unique idea in the world but the best reception ideas for weddings are unexpected and romantic, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. A string quartet can play quietly enough to serve as ambience or loudly enough for a crowd to dance to. This option will feel right at home at a traditional wedding.

  1. Harpist

If you love the idea of classical music but want something even more unexpected than a string quartet, look to a harpist. It comes with all of the benefits of a violin but goes much better with a variety of modern themes like boho, hand-tying ceremonies, and alternative themes. Click here to find unique ceremony ideas that pair well with a harp.

Wedding Entertainers

Putting on a performance could just be the most impressive wedding entertainment ideas. Your guests can sit back and be thrilled.

  1. Magician

Magicians have enjoyed a surge of popularity over the past few years inspiring a whole new generation of talented individuals. For the most enjoyable wedding performance, find a close-up magician. Imagine how thrilled your guests will be with a crowd-pleasing performance on the main stage followed by a more intimate show as the magician makes their way from table to table.

  1. Comedian

Everyone loves to laugh which is why hiring a comedian is one of the more recommended ideas to entertain guests at a wedding. But, there are some rules to follow. Have a discussion between the future husband and wife to agree on a style. Perhaps a roast would go over famously, perhaps it would ruin the entire event. Then, check out some YouTube clips of the comedian’s set to ensure his or her style will land with the crowd.

  1. Fire Performance

A fire performance is one of those fun wedding ideas that always goes over well, if you plan ahead. Make sure there isn’t anything preventing you from delivering this spectacle indoors like adequate space or insurance. If you’re wedding is outdoors, try to time it for after sunset to get the full impact.

Wedding Games

Allow your guests to sit back and enjoy the show is a very reasonable decision to make. But, if you want to maximize the enjoyment you’re going to want to choose wedding activities for guests that gets them out of their seats and interacting.

  1. Giant Jenga

Oversized games like giant Jenga, Connect Four, or Beer Pong have become fan favourites, especially when kids are involved. Keep guests of all ages entertained for hours by providing them with a way to challenge each other in pairs or groups. To make the most of it, consider keeping score and providing rewards for the winners.

  1. Bouncy Castle

Admit it, the last time you saw a bouncy castle you thought “I wish they made these for adults”. Well, they do! Kick off your shoes and jump around with the kiddos while the string quartet covers your favourite rock song. Being in love makes you feel like a kid again, you may as well take advantage of that feeling.

  1. Unexpected Guest Book

Some of your older guests may be a little hesitant about a round of bouncy castle or beer pong, but they definitely won’t be shy about dishing out some advice about love and marriage. Instruct your guest to play around of that Giant Jenga we wrote about early, and ask them to write their name and best piece of advice on the block that they place back on top. You can achieve the same

Wedding Food

For some of your guests, it’s a little awkward to sit in one place and try to maintain a conversation. Give them a great reason to get out of their seats with these cool wedding ideas involving food.

  1. Grazing Table

Regardless if you’re serving a multi-course meal or not, setting up a grazing table full of sweets and finger foods forces your guests to get up and mingle with people who aren’t at their table. The bonus is, talking about the delicious charcuterie is a great ice breaker!

  1. Ice Cream Cart

Fancy desserts are just fine but sometimes nothing beats the simple classics, and nothing raises the enthusiasm quite like ice cream. Just make sure that there’s a little bit for everyone by including alternative like waffle cones and vegan options.

  1. DIY Cocktails

Beverages are served at most weddings. How do you make yours unique? Create a signature drink, print the recipe, and provide all of the liquids and garnishes your guests need to recreate the experience all night long.

Wedding Wonder

If you’ve come this far and still haven’t found something that will amaze your guests, we have a few more options that you won’t find at your cousin’s wedding.

  1. Petting Zoo

Everyone loves cute fluffy animals, but no one is expecting them to show up at your wedding. Shock (in a good way) your guests by adding some goats, sheep, llamas, donkeys, bunnies, or little piglets to your guest list.

  1. Palm Reader

Love and life will be on the minds of every single one of your guests throughout your ceremony and reception. Keep the mood going by proving tarot card and palm readings from a mystique expert.

  1. Fireworks

There’s no better way to end the celebrations with a show of lights in the night’s sky. Blast off your wedding theme colors while your guests try to contain their ohhs and ahhs. It’s a little expensive but so worth it.


Any one or combination of these suggestions will be received with applause and result in memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re having trouble choosing just consider your guests’ physical abilities and sensibilities, your budget, and what you personally love most and you’re sure to make the right decision.

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