5 Effective Ways to Catch Your Customer’s Attention

Business owners know that, before any sale can take place, the customer must first notice the product. This is the reason they spend a lot of time and effort on promotional tactics. The idea is to bring a lot of attention to the product and have the customers see all the advantages of buying it.

Of course, the tools one will use for promotion depend significantly on the product sold, but there are general tips that can be helpful to achieve great sales.

1. Go with Different Platforms

There are a lot of social-media platforms for businesses.

To get attention, the product must be seen on different platforms. For a physical store, customers must be able to take flyers so they can give those to their friends and relatives.

Attention-grabbing (think big, catchy, and colorful) posters must also be visible at the store for the passers-by to know that this product is available. Displays must be designed well for customers to look at them closely.

For an online store, social-media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best choices because many potential customers are on these platforms. Ask friends and family to like and share the posts so they’ll reach a lot of people who may be interested in the products.

2. Give Free Products, Discounts, and Freebies

Whatever the product is, a business can never go wrong with giving free items and handing out discount coupons. These tactics do more than just grab the attention of customers; they also drive sales.

To make more out of these freebies and discounts, consider giving them to people who like, comment on, and share your social-media posts. For physical stores, give free items and coupons to those who can buy in bulk, say, a dozen.

3. Use the Packaging to Attract Attention

Product packaging works like magic for a business.

There’s a huge difference between receiving a product in bubble wrap and receiving it in a quality box with creative printed design. The first says “Here’s your product. That’s the only thing you paid for anyway.” The second tells the customer, “This is us! We care about all the things related to the products we sell, and we want to impress you.”

Truthfully, other business owners forgo packaging because they feel that it’s unnecessary and add more to expenses. But an outstanding box boosts the brand, so think before completely nixing the idea. Incorporate the right design elements into your packaging. Choose the perfect brand fonts, key colors and graphic images that will not only leave a lasting impression to your audience but will also effectively communicate your brand’s values and personality.

4. Establish Good Customer Service

In a world where business only means getting the customers to buy the product, be that industry that makes a product out of customer service. Oftentimes, a transaction starts with gaining the customer’s attention and ends after the product has been paid for.

Seldom does the owner take the time to express gratitude for a purchase or a good review received. It is even rarer to see businesses that do follow-ups, asking how the customers liked the product. Sadly, some trades even ignore customers when they have questions or concerns about the items.

Your business needs to be different. Send a quick message asking the customers how they like the item, and politely encourage them to leave feedback so that the business can do better.

Answer the queries as soon as possible, or inform customers when you’ll be able to attend to their concerns. When that’s done consistently, the business will be glowing with reviews along the lines of “This business really takes care of its customers” and attracting more possible customers.

5. Have Something That’s Surprisingly Unique

Catch attention by doing something unique. Never ever copy a tactic because that only creates a bad reputation for you.

What strategies are still not used by the competitor? Will these strategies work for your business? Being original is always a good thing because it surprises the target market.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mask the strategies as promos so that it’ll be easy to stop using these strategies when they’re not working.

A lot of things can be done so consumers will notice a product. Whether it’s a physical store, an online one, or both, make sure that the items and the services are high-end. Be consistent, and see each person as a potential customer—never let an opportunity pass by!

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