4 ways to boost B2B E-commerce Sales with 3d Photography

B2b e-commerce sales can be quite tough, especially if they do not have the required skills. No wonder it is such a huge topic in the modern world. When doing b2b business, you will mainly sell your products to other businesses, and this means you will be dealing with professional buyers who are trained to only settle for the best deals. Further, in most cases, you will have to sell to teams of decision makers who have to be convinced that this product is the best.

Things might be a bit easier if these people see the product physically. Purchasing decisions are mostly based on the visual appearance of the product where you get to see the color, judge its quality, and even feel the item in your hands. When it comes to b2b e-commerce sales, things are totally different. The buyer here is limited by the photographs presented by the seller to make the final decision. So, how do you ensure that the photographs you use will aid in boosting your b2b e-commerce sales? Below are 4 ways that will help you be ahead of the rest.

Optimize your images for search

With search engine optimization (SEO), your images can improve just like any other written content on your website. For optimum results, be consistent in describing the content of the photo so that search engines can respond the more. To do this, just rename your file with a name that is descriptive of the images before uploading it. Then add a description that includes the same keyword used in the file name to the image you uploaded and include an alt tag which also includes the keyword to your image.

Provide multiple angles of the images

When doing b2b e-commerce sales, remember that you are dealing with people who do not have the privilege to touch the product and at the same time, they have to buy a product that they are convinced will sell out and give them a profit. After all, they are here to make money. The only way to get them convinced that the product they intend to buy is of high quality and durable is through providing detailed images taken from various angles so that the can have an opportunity to evaluate it. In case you are dealing with clothes, get a mannequin of appropriate size that will showcase that women’s graphic t shirt such that the t-shirt to look exactly how it is meant to look.

Use Interactive Imagery

From the latest inventions in the software industry, 3d virtual tour software is a boon for online marketers. Interactive pictures can help your customers interact better with the websites and ultimately gets you more conversions. Some smart brands are selling products online like some Italian watch brands are using this technique to boost their business.

Consider the image background

Make sure the photograph you use on your website does not have a background that is conflicting or distracting the viewer from seeing the product clearly. Remember you are relying on this image to make sales. In fact, an image background can influence a buyer’s overall impression of the product. Alternatively, if you find it hard to get a perfect background image, the best option would be minimizing your background to something simple. In fact, a simple monochromatic background would be effective to any kind of a product and still enhance the sleek and powerful qualities of it.

In conclusion

Hopefully, the above ways will help you maximize the use of those 3d images you have on your website so that you can make amazing b2b e-commerce sales. Remember to closely monitor your site. This is the only way you can determine what is working and what is not.

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