Virtual and Augmented Reality Trends that People Must be Aware of

We are undoubtedly living in a world of technological development. May it be Artificial Intelligence, cryptocurrency, software development, and others have taken a huge leap forward in terms of their application by people. Even though some of these technologies have been discovered a long while back, but it is only now, these technologies are gaining the recognition that they deserve, as people are realizing the ease that these technologies can provide to perform their day to day activities, May it be professional, at home or anywhere.

This is exactly the case with Virtual and Augmented reality technology. Even though these are the technologies that were discovered in the last century, but it is only now, their benefits are being seen right now. For Virtual Reality, in particular, it is widely used for Military, Education, Medical training, by providing a real experience of what they might expect in the actual scenario. This is not only restricted these activities but also in the other lines of works as well.

When it comes to Augmented Reality, things being done across the globe can be seen in industries such as Education. Teaching things like astronomy or just let them explore the classroom. If you are a designer, you can use the AR technology to visualize the final result that you may get. For a Software Development Company developing mobile apps, the cost is considerably lower if they use AR Technology.

Despite being used in different ways, both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are used for the same purpose: to let you experience the things you want to see but are not real. This will make you prepare yourself for the real scenario. Having seen all of its benefits and applications, let us move on to the common trends of AR and VR technology, which the world would want to know and which might prove helpful for them.

Enhanced Audio :

Over the years, the audio was being focused on and looked at by the AR/VR product manufacturers. Almost the entire effort was shifted in giving the best visual experience to the user. This is a changing trend as people want an equally qualitative audio quality as the visuals they are witnessing. To achieve this purpose, some renowned names in the Audio industry have stepped up since there has to be a specific kind of 3D Music. Those names include Dolby Labs, DTS, Dysonics, Waves Audio, and others, that are partnering up with AR/VR product manufacturers, for enhanced user experience and realistic user experience.

Fast Speed Internet :

One of the most common occurrences that can ruin your VR/AR experiences is the lack of a powerful internet connection. When you are experiencing the virtual or augmented reality, the scene that is used needs to be rendered. The faster the internet, the quicker it takes for that frame to render, with more quality. To make sure that your simulation should be as realistic as possible, you need to have high-speed internet. May it be 5G, WiFi or any other type of internet technology, having that is a must for an effective time with the Extra Reality (May it be Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality)

Application Development :

Virtual Reality used for the development of Applications, which have gained popularity in recent times. May it be the gaming applications like Beat Saber, which has broken all previous records of the VR games sold, with over millions of copies sold. Google Earth is among the most popular non-gaming app, which is an AR application, through which we can explore the entire globe, on your device, may it be your personal computer, or your mobile device. The latest spike in the interests of digital content on platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and others, daydreaming apps have also been introduced, that use the VR technology, and give you a realistic experience of the content you are watching.

Productive Learning :

As briefly touched upon earlier, AR and VR technologies can prove to be monumental for increasing the education system’s productivity and process. Not only will it improve the learning and understanding of the students, but it will also enhance the training process of the instructors. Students will get to witness in VR mode, whatever they are being taught. For example, if they are learning about the solar system, the VR setup would be such that students will feel that they are in the solar system, seeing the planets and other elements. The teachers and the instructor will also benefit if the AR Technology is used for training or to explore the premises of the institute before joining.

Shopping :

The VR/AR technology has given the accessibility to shop through virtual means. You can view the market, explore the location, and check the availability of a product by not physically being there. This can be either done virtually, through your VR device, or by an AR device. Companies have started to make use of this facility and received positive feedback from the clients. This also creates an opportunity for a software development company that can develop an application that enables the use of AR technology. Using the same technology, if you are shopping for any type of clothing or wearable item, the app can be used to measure the relevant body part.

Harper Torres is a Digital Content Producer at Creative Ideator, a software development company. She is well versed with the knowledge of technological trends, Mobile Apps, Internet of Things, and many more. She influences people through her impeccable Writing Skills and Engaging Content.

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