Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Your Safety Internet Assistant!

Secure Internet connection today, this is one of the main points that users pay attention to when choosing an Internet assistantAfter all, we all want to use the Internet not only multifunctional and simultaneously solving several tasks, but also safely and without the threat of data leakage.

For all those who want to feel secure and at the same time use various Internet tools in one place, the team of developers has created Utopia P2P ecosystem. It is based on the latest encryption techniques that can protect users from external and internal threats.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: New Approach!

Utopia is an advanced system for working on the Internet. It is a multifunctional Internet assistant that has the following advantages:

Decentralization. It is created on a peertopeer architecture. Therefore, it does not have a single data warehouse. Since each user is a peer, he has his server created for him, which only he has access to.

Encryption. Utopia securely stores and protects data thanks to multilevel encryption based on a highspeed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256bit AES. This method of encryption is the most reliable and advanced among all previously developed.

Anonymity. Each client uses the ecosystem anonymously. When registering, it does not enter any data. Instead, the system generates a personal key for him, which opens access to his data. Also, it is the user’s nickname.

Userfriendly interface. Utopia is available for use on any operating system. The only thing you need for full worka stable WiFi connection. Besides, the user can change the main theme: choose a dark or white color scheme.

Functionality. The updated ecosystem makes everything possible for stable and multitasking work. Utopia has the following Internet tools available to each user:

  • Idyll Browser. Anonymous browser based on uNS technology. Therefore, all the necessary sites have already been created in the ecosystem for safe and anonymous use.
  • uMessenger. Messenger supports sending and receiving encrypted messages from users. You can also create private chats and communication channels and mark them on uMap. Users can add any stickers, emoticons and emoji in messages.
  • uMail. An alternative to traditional email. However, in this case, all files and documents are encrypted. You can send and receive files and documents in any format. Only you and the recipient will have access to them.
  • uWallet. An electronic wallet that stores cryptonsthe cryptocurrency of the system. Using cryptons, you can make any financial transactions on the network anonymously.
  • Mining bot. The builtin Mining bot additionally accumulates cryptons for the user. Each user performs an Internet connection through Utopia, and Bot charges a certain amount of cryptons for every 15minute session.

Also, it has multiplayer games in which users can play with friends or individually. They are available at any time and without additional charge.

Utopia P2P ecosystem at your disposal now! Start using the system and enjoy all the benefits!

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