6 Types of Visual Content your Brand Should be Creating Right Now

As a brand, you want more visibility and exposure for your product. The best way to do that is by creating and posting content regularly and consistently. But all brands are posting content daily, and sometimes all these content looks and feels the same to the user.

It is something a brand cannot afford. If the content of his blog or Facebook post looks the same as its competitors, he will lose the edge. That is why content creators are always on the lookout for new content that makes them stand out. Visual content is the answer to their prayer.

As we all know that visual can liven up any post or written words due to their designs and graphics. They also appeal and engage more people, and hence, you should start using visual content for your brand.

Not sure what types of visual content you can make? Don’t worry; we are sharing the most trending visual content you can use for your brand.

Here are 6 types of visual content that your brand must create right now

#1.Inspiring and unique quote cards

Everyone has a favorite saying or quote that they swear by. Inspiring quotes can uplift anyone or make a positive impact on people. Also, it makes for great visual content.

Creating a quote card is a fairly easy gig, all you require is a great quote, and then you can place it on a background with a simple design. All this is enough to create a content whose probability of getting viral is quite high.

But keep these things in mind while creating a quote card:

  • Double check the source and always mention the quote.
  • The design of the background should be creative but simple
  • Use typeface and font that is readable and visible to people.
  • The color palette must be in contrast with the typeface and other elements so that the words are not lost.

Canva has a huge collection of templates that will be fit to create a quote card.

#2. Photographs that appeals to user instantly

Images are the best and top visual content that can make your brand visible quickly.  A quality picture can do wonders for your brands, so never miss an opportunity to post an amazing image. But what kind of photo can you post? Well, there are tons of ideas like:

A behind-the-scenes image of an event

Photos shoot that shows the best side of your product or service.

Action shot of your products

A team picture to show the users that your brand is as human as them.

The only thing you should remember is to use quality and professional images. Buy a professional camera or ask a professional to take your picture. Also, shoot them aesthetically and add filters if required. An ugly picture won’t appeal to anyone, and your brand will not get the exposure you want.

#3. Data visualization

Facts and figures are boring, especially when they are huge in numbers and complex. Using visualization, you can make your content appealing and interesting for users. Use graphs or charts to show complex facts and figures. It will not only make them interesting, but easy to understand too.

Another data visualization procedure is to create infographics. =

Canva can help you make great charts, graphs, or infographics of your own.

#4. Tips, how to and tricks

If your business is about knowledge or authority, use it to your advantage. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can open a side blog or YouTube channel to share that knowledge like a recipe with your users. Don’t share your own recipes, but sharing common recipes can be a great visual content promoting your brand.

Other things are tutorial or list of top things. All of this can have a great effect on your brand. How can you make it visual? By adding pictures or graphics in every step and showing the complete result at the end.

#5. Videos

Video content is worth a million words, and you should use this tool to your advantage. A lot of users use YouTube as a platform for watching and sharing video content. But the percent of a brand using this tool is quite less.

That is why it is the right time for you to start making videos about your brand and product. It will help you say and show a lot of things in a limited period of time.

#6. Ask questions

To get more engagement on your social content, you need people who visit your site regularly. And another visual content that can help you is graphic questions. Ask a question from your users with the help of graphics or images.

It is a great technique to engage people in discussions and to connect with them.

Visuals make for a crucial content type in 2019. Be sure to use them for promoting your brand. If I missed any crucial visual content type, hit me in the comments below.

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