Truck Accident Injury Claims: 5 Key Questions and Answers

For someone involved in a collision with a heavy commercial vehicle, filing a personal injury claim and following up with the insurance company can take a toll and slow down their physical and emotional recovery after a serious accident.

If you’re a truck accident survivor, the following information will help you make informed decisions while you prepare to seek compensation for your losses.

What constitutes a truck accident injury claim?

Any injury sustained in a collision with a heavy-duty vehicle, such as a truck, semi-truck, tanker truck, semi-trailer, tractor or hauler, is considered a truck accident injury. Having knowledge about the classification of commercial vehicles and the laws under which they should operate can help accident victims and surviving family members claim rightful compensation for their suffering.

What documentation is required to file an accident injury claim?

Evidence of damage caused by the accident, including photos of your vehicle and personal items damaged in the collision, is vital when filing a lawsuit. In addition, detailed medical records are necessary in order for the insurance company to determine the extent of compensation and for your lawyer to prepare a strong case on your behalf.

How does it help to hire an attorney for a truck injury claim?

While you may deal with the insurance company on your own and accept their settlement offer, having an experienced legal professional by your side ensures that your compensation is maximized.

A seasoned truck accident lawyer will prepare the necessary documentation, take into account local legislation and decide the most effective case strategy, to ensure the most favorable outcome for you and your family. In addition, an experienced advocate will know to include damages that you may not take into account (such as emotional distress or sundry out-of-pocket expenses).

What types of claims can be filed in case of a truck accident?

You may file a third-party liability insurance claim against the driver of the vehicle or their employer. If the claim is disputed by their insurance company, you can file a civil injury lawsuit. In either case, you stand to gain fair compensation, provided a competent accident injury lawyer is representing your case.

You can also file a property damage claim to cover for repairs or replacement of your vehicle or other items damaged in the accident. A wrongful death claim may be filed by the kin of a crash victim.

What is medical lien?

Truck accidents often result in severe injuries that require intensive long-term medical treatment. If you do not have adequate medical insurance or are not eligible for workers’ compensation, you may end up incurring a heavy debt on account of medical bills.

In case you owe a debt to your medical care provider and have filed for an injury claim, your medical provider can choose to enter an agreement wherein they won’t require you to pay the medical bills. Instead, they will take a share of your settlement money once you receive compensation. This is called medical lien.

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