Top Wedding Trends Every Couple Should Look Out For in 2020!

2019 came to an end a month ago, and along with ended another decade of old traditions and customs to follow during a marriage ceremony. The dawn of a new decade has brought along with a whole era of new trends and a renewed take on old traditions.

Trends have noticed bold colors being used and serious changes in a lot of aspects all the way from ceremony aisle ideas to food and drink choices to the invitations. Couples are seen to be tailoring every aspect of the wedding to their own, using color palettes that are sentimental to them, and also using creative themes that reflect the uniqueness of their love story.

Check out the latest trends below that will help you plan a wedding that is like your own adventure, and is uniquely yours.

#1. Bridal Wear

Pastel shades, floral designs, feathery-light materials, embroidery and thread work as well as metallic dresses are all in vogue in 2020. Instead of sticking to the usual white ball gown, brides are also opting for princess gowns, unfussy simple gowns, gowns with pockets, and long elegant sleeved gowns.

Over the last decade, it has been made quite clear that comfort is a key aspect of fashion. Lightweight dresses are emerging to be the trendiest ones in 2020 because they add to the bride’s comfort on her special day.

#2. Wedding Rings

One of the most dynamic 2020 wedding trends is that loads of couples have been choosing their rings together – the women and men wedding bands. It’s an important thing for couples that the precious wedding ring that they both can love and cherish forever. Diamond and yellow-gold are popular choices for women and men wedding bands this year. Cushion-cuts and hand-mined diamonds are the trendiest. Modern love craves symbolism. Memorable rings that tell a story are cherished forever, because they add depth, lineage and soul to their relationship.

#3. Pre-Wedding Shoots

Pre-wedding shoots have been in trend for the last few years, but they get more and more elevated year by year. More and more couples this wedding season are choosing to travel far to locations in India and even abroad which are on their bucket list to have an unforgettable photoshoot to cherish for life.

The latest pre-wedding photoshoot ideas are candid night shoots, miniature shoots, graffiti shoots, sports shoots, adventure shoots, perfect proposal shoots, and even underwater shoots!

#4. Custom Illustrations

Traditionally simple wedding invitations have been left behind in the last decade. Personalized wedding invites are all the rage right now. Hand-drawn illustrations, a sketch of the wedding venue or a map of the destination can all help in adding a fun element to your invitations.

#5. Wedding Pages & Hashtags

A fun amalgamation of the bride and groom’s names leads to a quirky hashtag for their wedding, which is a very upcoming trend that has massively taken over. Not only are wedding hashtags popular, couples now even have an official wedding page for themselves that is unique to only them. They upload pictures from the wedding functions together and using the hashtags connect all their friends and relatives to the wedding. This way they’re involved in all aspects of the wedding and they share the excitement collectively.

#6. Instagram Venues

Whether the wedding is happening in their own city or at a beautiful destination abroad, it is quite important for young couples these days to ensure that their wedding venue is instagrammable. Having a lavish and glamorous backdrop for wedding pictures has become a must, for couples and their guests alike. Beautiful flower gardens, forts and castles, museums, galleries and even classy aisles with elegant decoration instantly appeal to the eyes and simultaneously look great on social media.

#7. Bachelor/Bachelorette Trips & Bridal Showers

Bachelor and Bachelorette trips are essentially about “having that one last fling before you wear the ring forever”. The concept of going on a fun, adventurous trip with your closest friends to reminisce about old memories and party hard in celebration of their last few bachelor days is becoming an important part of the wedding checklist for all brides and grooms.

While the concept of bachelor trips has been around for a while, bridal showers are new to the party. Spending an evening filled with music, food, wine, fun photoshoots and cake with your closest girl pals is an assured memorable event. Elaborate bridal showers are thrown with great decorations and beautiful gifts, to make this an evening to remember for the bride-to-be.

A wedding is one of the most auspicious ceremonies an individual can experience in his or her lifetime. It is a celebration of love and commitment, and rejoicing it with your loved ones. Whatever the trends might be, always remember that it is your special day, and it’s going to be all about you. Make sure you make it your own and make it the way you want it, without worrying about what’s prevalent and what others see to be doing.


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